Monday, September 10, 2012

Zebra pedicure, animal pattern, mint and black, Cool Nail

I will recommend to you hot hot Zebra pedicure.
During summer leopard and Zebra patterns are on the trend.
It is a symbol of sexiness.

You can choose black with white or black with gold.
However in summer times black and mint color go well together.
Choosing the mint color makes the hot weather little bit cooler.
The zebra pattern and black color can match almost any colors.
They would look well with each other.

The dark shades of color make your feet look brighter.
However during the summer time painting with only black looks hot so adding some vivid colors will make it more stylish.

If it is boring with the patterns draw a black line on the sides to give a point.
It makes your toes look smaller by adding more plus points to girlish style.

In pedicure it is fine to do simple colors however it will look better if there are some crazy pattern on summer~

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