Thursday, September 27, 2012

Spangle Gel pedicure, light blue and yellow base, summer pedicure, vacation pedicure, Cool Nail

Spangle gel pedicure

Spangle helps the simple gel polish to give light and look fancy.
Especially on summer days you can’t avoid to have spangles.

I don't know about the hands but for the toenails you can go wild.
During the summer times you tend to go to lake or swimming pool so you have to show off your feet~.

The different size and shape of spangles give off different style.
So we are ready for anytime for our customers to achieve the best nails and toe nails.

I want to recommend this for the people who are going on vacation.
This is gel pedicure that have fabulous spangle pedicure art.
The weather is so hot in summer days so instead of going for deep colors try some soft pastel colors or vivid colors.

The concept of this gel pedicure art is cute style right for vacation.
So the pastel color was used.
These kinds of colors give cute and lovely look.
The point is in the spangles so light base color was used.
There is diversity of spangle colors.
The colors are different for each toenail.
If you want softer look than you can use only one base color and having different spangles.
It is possible to use any other spangles that match the base color.

The point should be fancy and eye catching so use vivid color spangles. 
Also these shines really nicely under the sun

You can wear any kind or slippers or sandals.

The toenails grow slowly so the design can really stay long.
However when you want to do revision it is better to do French gel pedicure.
Like the deep French pedicure that have spangles on top.
The starting point is clear polish which it much easier to do revision.

Professional nail care system with great technique doing SOAK at Cool Nail.

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