Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spring water cleansing- Koh Gen Do

People who want to wash their face with spring water~
I don’t really use cleansing water.
However one day I was having a hard time with pimples on my face.
I have once uploaded a post Uriage.
From that on I had many messages from my followers saying add some more review on cleansing water.

The texture is like water which is not sticky.
There is no oil added so perfect for oily skin type to use.
Also it is alcohol free making it feels very light and fresh to use.

To the people who are sensitive to smell it has almost no smell but it’s hard to explain by words.

However it cleans very well.
It can remove waterproof products, lip, and eye.
Also you don't need to rinse with water after using Koh Gen Do cleanser.
Compare to other water cleanser it feels fresh however I don’t feel that it cleans out perfectly when I don't rinse with water.
It is hard to just go straight to applying basic skin cosmetics right away.
I don’t think there is merit to this water cleanser.

For the people who will not rinse with water after, I did little experiment.
The mascara and eyeliner moves easily even it is waterproof it works fine.
However not on the brand Kiss me mascara.
It can erase most of other products except Kiss me mascara.
However about the pot rouge is different.
I tried on with Blushed rose and use this water cleaner.
You don’t need strength to wipe off.
It removed clearly yet you can’t deal with cosmetics inside the pores and the wrinkles.
On the other hand if you use about 5 facial cottons with skins it will clearly wipe off the remains.
Most of the cleansers have these limits.
So this Kho Gen Do works fast compare to the cleansing tissue.

Spring water?
This cleansing water is known to help in skin caring.
Actually when you remove the makeup using this, there is freshness however it is hard to feel the moisture.
Also for the people who are into oil cleanser might feel too dry.
So just use this to feel the minerals inside spring water.

I felt from using many cleansers that they aren’t perfect cleansers.
So it is hard to judge a cleanser with only one point of being good or bad.

You have to look at your skin type and choose the cleanser that is suitable for your type.

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