Thursday, November 29, 2012

Highlighter Recommended - Etude House, Missha, VOV, Skin Food, Golden Ratio, Too Cool For School


Color song blusher 17 white 10,000won
This brush is used for overall highlighter place, which makes the outline of the fancy. In other words the powder is white so it’s disadvantage for dark skins to use.
This has little bit of glitter.
Also some of my students have blotches that is hard to apply on uneven skin surface…
Little bit of blemish can cover and can apply glitter products.

I would like to recommend Shishedo highlighter but that has been discontinued so I was looking around all the department stores and also through the websites. Then I have found 2 cheap products.

Every skin tone is possible except dark skin.
This products doesn’t shines on the troubles but overall highlights the outline and compare to normal highlighter it covers the oily skin
The price is 10000won comparing to other inexpensive brands it’s not cheap and this item is hard to find.
In the case the brush is flat and softer then benefit brush but it’s a vague size.
The most important is knowing the perfect place where to apply the highlighter.
The purpose of the highlighter is to bring up the outline and I don’t recommend the brush inside this case.

Ah! Also
Some of the students wanted to use the white tone highlighter not pink or yellow but white glitter might look really rural so better without the glitter and apply very lightly.

Etude house

Faceline brightener 1,1000won
This color is not really showing but goes well with all type skins.
It can be the needed item bringing out some parts of the face also on the eyelid to work as an eye shadow.
The disadvantage is that you have to have a perfect highlighter application skill.
It’s hard to notice how much you applied so have to be careful.
This highlighter shows well so don’t apply too much.
It will shine naturally under the lights.

Face color corset 1 highlighter pit 5,000won
This product goes well with the skin and whiter compare to Face Line Brightener also the fine powder texture gives natural looking shine.
Personally I am not going to repurchase but for people who want to have little bit of strong glitter might like this.
Instead of buying Innisfree marble, I would go for this.
This has some pink tone then Face Line Brightener instead giving warm color instead more cool and white tone.

Golden Ratio face glam 12,000won
This product is perfect for glossy makeup so put closely to your area of highlighter.
In the picture I used proof 06 as a concealer brush and on the right 14 synthetic as a highlighter these two products are mix with false and natural hair which is used good for cram type but proof 06 conceal brush cant be use as a highlighter so use your hand.
Be careful not to apply too think or too wide and even out the amount.

In this type of usage apply skin care; sunblock base and before foundation apply this highlighter then foundation.

Too Cool For School

Art Class Up to You Multi Palette Highlighter Lace Pink 6,500won
This is a cream type highlighter.
Don't expect to give moisturizing effect because it’s just a cream type.
The characteristic is that there aren’t so much glitters and doesn’t look dry giving great adhesion.
There is only one color, light pink!
It is made up with fine glitters with white glitters so not really recommend to dark skin.
Also before glossy makeup apply it before the foundation.
With a brush for creamy product apply it lightly and with adhesion.
You could apply after the foundation but there is a difference before and after.
It will look more natural applying before the foundation.

You could also apply on the clavicle bone on special days where you want to bring out the bones and look glamorous.
When the light shines upon, it shines off looking really fancy.

There is same highlighter in Benefit, ‘High Beam’ but this is cheaper and looks natural when you apply so I buy this instead.
Also if you want to have shiny eye makeup, apply this as a base.
(Same for the Etude House)
Also applying on the lips, remove the keratins first and apply it with a lip balm.
On top of that apply some glossy transparent lip-gloss.
Than it will give out new color of lipstick.
You could all apply them at once or apply the glitter with lip balm later on.

M prism dot pressed powder 19,800won
Is this a matte highlighter?
Actually this is a powder.
Pressed powder however not like other powder it contains 4 pastel colors: yellow, pink, violet, and green blended.
Normally color powder covers the yellow or red blemishes or covers the dull skin however this makes it look blurring.
If you don’t have pale skin I don't recommend doing it with the puff inside this case.
I don’t recommend using powder with puff.

Use this with a brush along the T- zone to hold the oil or to highlight.
The color is different comparing to VOV product but gives similar highlight.
So choosing by the case or the price is up to you.
These two are fine for middle shade skin tone however if it’s little bit darker than middle than go for Missha.

This isn’t use with the puff contained in the case but with a brush.
Sweep lightly onto the area where you need some highlight using like a finish powder.

After covering the dark circle, hold it by using the powder.
So the eye makeup stays longer and gives persistent coverage.
I don’t usually use powder but on special days only, so on the special day after covering the dark circles, I control the amount of this product on the brush and apply it.
Brightens the face.
But, when you don't cover the dark circles properly, it shows grey color.

The price is expensive.
So I bought it when it was on sale~
Check out for a day for sale.

A dark shade of skin with blotches on the face won’t be easy to do high light and do natural looking makeup.
The product won’t settle 100%
So according to the area where you need high light distinct the region and even changing the foundation color is a possible way.
So applying the lighter foundation on the area where it needs and blend the lines of colors.
Choose a highlighter that is one tone lighter than the actual skin color.
So the highlight area blends in well.

Skin Food

All Over Muffin Cake Finish #2 Choco Brownie Muffin 13,500won.
I had this before but I was ready using Mac products and other highlighter that matched my skin color.
However when I applied this to trainee to who has dark shade of skin looked natural and pretty.

This is fine and gold color makes the skin look healthy and small and large yellow glitters shines the face.
You could find fine glitters per a cheap price.
However using pink or opal glitter won’t work for dark skin so choosing a gold glitter is much better looking healthy.

People who don’t have dark shade of skin can use it when they want sophisticated look with gold glitter or wanting to look sexy with smoky makeup.
If you want to have some volume on the highlight area using little bit bigger size of glitter is better (like Mac soft angel)
However there are normally white or pink color in inexpensive cosmetics but doesn’t give pretty volume so in this case go for beige or gold color, it will go easily with the skin.
It might be unsatisfying compare to expensive brands.

You don’t need special product for applying for body. Just take a brush and sweep along the area where you need some highlight.
Especially looks really pretty on tanned skin
The intensity isn’t that strong but it’s a glitter but shines so choose a place where you exactly.

If your skin is pale instead of going for #2
There is gold beige #3 Gold Banana Muffin.

Bonus Tip.
If your cheek looks too dull even though you applied highlighter, spray some mist on the last stage of makeup.
Spray the mist far away from your face so the water doesn’t drip but settles lightly.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Two tone french gel nail, gray glitter gel polish, ribbon pat, french nail, Cool Nail

Two tone French gel nail

For people who have trouble with their big body nail and want to have short looking nails this is the perfect gel nail.

This costumer always did French gel nail since her nail body is large and applying in full color might look bigger.
So during summer she always did French nail so she tried variety of French gel nail.

However autumn and winter is coming so she tried two-tone French gel nail to have more of color to her nails.

Normally she likes a gray tone color as consideration of the weather we have recommended a dark gray. So overall dark gray color was used but to deal with daily temperature sliver glitter of French line was added.
This made her nails look fancy and chic at the same time.

This sliver gel color is in stock, and it's not a glitter but gel polish.
This gives the effect of putting a glitter.
If we apply a glitter and apply a clear gel it gives thickness but gel glitter doesn’t’
This new product of gel color gives the effect of glitter at the same time and applies thinly compare to regular glitters.

This new product is not a glitter that is made out of different shades glitters.
This gives sophisticated look.
For our Cool nail costumers we have early stocked with new gel color to go great for autumn and winter season.

The position of the deco pat is bringing out the effect so it’s good to place in the right hand in index finger.
The reason for applying a deco a pat is to give a point and to show off to others.

Super ribbon deco pat are 1.5 bigger than other deco pads. 
It's fancy grabbing the attention.
This costumer has a large body nail so it may look small but to normal size of body nail it looks bigger.
For wanting to have famine look put a smaller size, which emphasizes cuteness.

Also be extra careful not to fall off since it’s a decoration, which is easy to get stuck of or get hit. 

Professional nail care system with great technique in doing SOAK at Cool Nail.

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