Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Recommend eye shadow: Estee Lauder- #43 metalic eye shadow

I don't have double eyelid.
I have many products that I know its good so want to tell people to try out.
So this time I wanted to tell the reviewers on the color that is found in Estee Laduder pure color eyeshadow.
#43 Metalic

There are so many colors to choose from within one brand.
However for people like me, who don’t have double eyelid and too much fat on the eyes, is hard to choose a color.

I can’t really choose a color without putting thought to it.
I recommend peach or pink color that could use only one color for the beginners in makeup.
However like my eyes, it would look more swollen.

First of all change the thought!
There are some makeup beginners who don’t dare to use dark eye shadow colors.
1.     Throw away the stereotype on colors.
2.    Don't have to always use eye shadow.

People, who don’t have technique in applying eye shadow, don't use it. Instead focus more on the facial makeup.
When you apply lipstick blush, mascara and eyeliner than it will be a perfect makeup without an eye shadow.

I really love Bobbi Brown or Mac eye shadows however during makeup I like to use this color of eye shadow.
When you look at it first, there are some gold glitters.
It’s like yellowish kaki or brown kaki.
Anyway it's a dark shade.

Like in the picture apply this as eyeliner.
Getting thicker at the end of the eyes.
It’s nice to apply a base eye shadow before.
However for me, I don't.
You have to use one of them among mascara or eyeliner especially with this kind of makeup.
Eye liner would be better.
I recommend #43 metallic because it goes simply well with any people and gives depth to the eyes.
Wanting to look natural eye makeup this color is best to use.

There are some people, which their eye makeup smudges easily.
Fill the space of the lashes with gel liner and on top apply #43 eye shadow covering the gel line lightly to prevent from smudging.
It gives depth to the eyes and smudges less with the gel eye line.
Smudges naturally as if smoky makeup was done.
People who are into smoky makeup, drawing the line with a pencil thick and on top using this eye shadow smudges naturally and goes well with any outfit.

People who have thin eyelid or double eyelid and girls who are use to doing eye makeup with eye shadows use with a pink color and other more color to create gradation.
Pink lights up the eye shadow color.
Also people who have darker shade of skin tone, #04 dusty rose would better instead of #12 candy cube.

Recommend sunblock- Lancome UV Expert Neuro Shield , Bobbi Brown UV Protective Face Base, Hera Sun Mate Daily, Chanel UV Essential Protective, Shu Uemura, Amore Pacific, Etitude House

Lancome UV Expert Neuro Shield SPF50/PA+++ (30ml)
My sister still uses this sunblock.
By the amazing advertisement Lancome is known for sunblock.
So back in the days I used to empty out many bottles.
However these days many cosmetic brands produce sunblock that is good quality as Lancome.
Of coarse Lancome sunblock is good.

It applies really thin and can’t feel the stickiness.

While applying, there is moisture but as soon as applied it disappears.
There are some sunblock that applies lightly but doesn't brighten up the face.
However for Lancome it slightly helps.
Men who doesn’t like the feeling of the sunblock should wear this
(if its not dry skin type can skip lotion or cream)

Bobbi Brown UV Protective Face Base SPF 50/PA+++(50ml)
A new type of sunblock that can be apply on top of the makeup stated on the advertisement but there aren’t other products that would be a problem in applying on top of the makeup.
When you look at the product by itself there is no merit to it.
There isn’t anything special, which is just a cream type.
There is no revision of the skin and finishes different from other products so can be used without a base or primer.
Instead of being sticky it’s smoother and the foundation settles onto the skin.
However the price is 63,000, which is too much. 

Middle skin type is suitable to use this sunblock however expecting the effect on applying top of the makeup shouldn’t be too much in expectation.
When you want your skin to finish smoothly without a base or primer this sunblock is perfect to use.
However there should be some support by the skin to see the effect.
It isn’t too moisturizing but not matt.
There is an effect on settling the makeup.
The problem is on the case which is tube.
It’s hard to press and if too much strength use sunblock come out too much.
Especially the entrance becomes very dirty and messy.
My dad uses this when he only used Shiseido Anessa Mild’
He mixes with R.N.D. Sola Shade and he was born 1950 and thinks about mixing a sunscreen to revise the skin tone.
I was surprised on how he did it.

HERA Sun Mate Daily SPF 35/ PA++(70ml)
During the 4 years it sold about 100thousands
I couldn’t believe it, In don't know where but my dad got his from some place.
I tried on top of my hand and saw skin color that had little bit of pink color on it.
When you look actually there is a color but when you try on there isn’t any revision on the skin.
When you try it, it applies really lightly and smoothly compare to regular cream it applies really lightly and no stickiness.
The price isn’t that expensive but I don't find it good or bad

Chanel UV Essential Protective UV care anti pollution

One time it was really popular.
However these days there are good qualities of sunscreen made in Korea.
This sunblock applies really lightly but I don't like Chanel Sunblock.
It’s white watery lotion type which the feature of this product is that there aren’t any stickiness.
It finishes like a silk as if I used a sunblock and can’t nearly feel any oil.
But I don’t like the texture in my skin even though it’s not thick or anything.

It’s like feeling of some transparent layer on top of the face.
It said to be absorbing well due to light application.
However after the absorption there is some powder left on the face.
There is a powder formula inside.
So have to shake it well before you use it.
The powder formula makes t finish matt but it seems like it’s not together with the skin.
The biggest reason is that when I am applying a foundation after I feel like applying on bear face.
When I don’t feel comfortable on the stage of wearing it.
If you want to purchase this product try on your face instead to your hand.
Putting enough amounts on the face could give bright effect and revise the faces.
Small amount of white dust left on the face it look white.
So meaning that there is some substance that makes it looks white than saying to be whitening.
I recommend to middle oily skin type.
You don't have to apply BB cream or foundation because there is an effect ready on the sunblock.

ShuUemura anti aging sun protecting cream UV SPF/PA+++(40ml)
There is some oil inside that applies smoothly.
It’s sticky but as the time passes it finishes very matt.
It seems like as if the skin is coated.
However when you apply makeup on top, you can’t really feel it.
There is anti-aging substance but I don't think you could experience it.
Most of the sunblock is expose to sunlight so how can the anti-aging substance be sustain.
Used for middle, middle oily, and mixed skin type.
If the price falls down to half price than I would think about in purchasing.

Amore Pacific Time Modifying Sun Treatment SPF30/PA++(30ml)
It said to be approved in sun protection and in anti-aging.
However the price is too expensive.
When you want to have sun protection there are other sunblock that has good effect.
I want to say that don’t be fool by the additional effects.
If you take care of using the sun protection than takes care of anti-aging and whitening as well.
This product is good to use for a short amount of time outside or inside the building.
 The texture is creamy type.
There isn’t special characteristic compare to other sunblock.

Amore Pacific Triple Defense Sun Protector SPF50+/PA+++(60ml)
This became renewal.
I really like the texture of this product.
I could see that moisture was filled with water and if the cream type sunblock is evolve to lotion type.
So this is a moisture lotion.
The feeling is better than lotion but I can only feel the moisture during the application only.
That's the sad part about this product.
Also the price got expensive 20,000won more, as it became renewal.
I want to question what became different? The smell and the usage just feels the same…
The employer had told me that it got lighter.
I think there is only little difference hardly can’t feel it.

Etitude House Sun Guard 5 types
There are five sunscreens in one brand.
Each sunscreen have different name according to the function.
It tries to give variety to the customers in choosing the sunscreen.
There is little bit of difference in the usage but all 5 don’t have different characteristic from each other.

Aqua Drop Sun Guard SPF33/PA++ (70ml-8,500won)

This is sunblock for people whom mostly stays indoor and don't often go outside.
It applies very moisturize however it doesn't last long.
The moisture feeling of the application could be rank as top ten which its good for dry, middle dry, or mixed skin type.
Some dry skin people looks for moisturizing sunscreen.
However it’s hard to give all the moisture by the sunblock so have to take care of the basic skin care on providing the moisture.
Also if there are too much oil during the summer time use a cosmetic that matches the condition of the skin or try to lessen the cosmetics that you apply.

White Aqua Sun Guard SPF50+/PA++ (50ml-9,000won)
There are some whitening formulas with the sun protection.
It slightly helps to be whitening when you apply this sunscreen.
Among all the 5 products this makes whiten the most and gives smooth surface.
The texture is not as good as Aqua Drop but applies fairly well.

Glow Base Sun Guard SPF36/PA++ (50ml-7,500won)
It said to give bright and natural glow to the face but it doesn't.
There are fine glitters but it’s hard to notice.
On top of that using BB cream or foundation will cover the glitters completely so it’s better to purchase other sunscreen.
Among the rest this is very neutral.

Super Aqua Sun Guard SPF35/PA++ (50ml-5,500won)
Light cream type product
The application is really light and good enough to use but others have better application so this became just neutral.
It’s not that matt and the price is inexpensive so could be used as a hand cream during summer time.
Comparing to other hand cream, it’s sticky but soon it disappears making it the right product to use for the hand.
However don’t expect to give same moisture as a hand cream.
This is even useful to apply on arms, hands, and legs during the indoor activities.

Perfect Proof Sun Guard SPF50+/PA+++ (50ml-7,500won)
This is a waterproof product but don’t really trust it to function for several hours.
Have to apply it after fairly amount of time.
This is similar to Amore Pacific- Triple Sun Protector on application and the smell.
The price is 10 times cheaper.

Aside from that powder type sunblock is popular as well.
People who have too apply powder and sunblock uses powder type sunblock.
It’s comfortable to use during the summer time.
In choosing the powder sunblock don't really look for sun protection.
Some people feel uncomfortable using sunblock try using powder sunblock.
However for me I think its better to re apply sunblock.
During the revision you get to go over the darkening and can apply without clustering.

The feeling that I got last year until this year is that for the oily type skin, Shiseido Anessa mild suns block is the best.
Like the other products, it takes away the oil and makes it very light.
However the light feeling can’t protect the oily skin.
The matt texture has to last long but can’t protect it form the sweat and the oil however Shiseido sunblock works best.
The type of waterproof product is hard to remove so have to wash your face totally.
So have to rinse your face several times with the water.
My dad uses this sunblock and washes off with Beautiful Soap twice, to completely wash away the sunblock.
He didn’t experience any blotches on his face until these days.