Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Purple maroon gel nail art with silver glitter, gel polish, Autumn nail, gel art, chic style, Cool Nail

Gel nail that turns you into sexy woman
Purple maroon gel nail art
And silver glitter

This nail art color is deep and seducing.
People who like to obtain sexiness should try this out.
It is also perfect gel nail to wear at the club.
In club you want to appeal the sexiness in you, so this helps to do it with a hot outfit as well.
Also the silver glitter adds a point so get all the attention at the club.

Used many silver glitters to give point to the nails because it goes mostly with any color.
It really brings out the simple color.
Especially the silver gel pigment is large so gives tiny bits of spangle glitter points.
Also the color shines off really nicely under the sunlight.

Purple maroon color goes well mostly with any shades of skin.
So it's very popular during autumn and winter.
If the customers want only simple color it will be fine to try out this color.

Other customer done a gel nail with same color but having the color with French nail and having the silver glitter fully done helps to give different mood and style
(She was so busy so I couldn’t take her picture)
If this nail art is sexy than the French nail is chic.

Further more, it goes so well with neat style of suit
It really helps to finish up the look.
Sometimes it’s hard to find a color that matches the suit.
It might be out of style compare to the design of the suit if its too bright.
The deep purple maroon color brings the depth and feminist and three silver glitter points lessens the heaviness with not too much done.

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