Thursday, October 18, 2012

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Lets not forget to use toner.
Right after washing your face, wipe off with a tonner providing moisture to your face and helps other cosmetics to absorb well.

Than how should I apply the tonner??
Don't wet it too much on the facial cotton like as if it will drip.
Just enough.
Following the texture of the skin, wipe it off lightly starting from inside towards the outside.
When you put too little, it will stimulate the face.
Some people might get some blotches or red sports just because from this.

So you can’t avoid thinking about the quality of the facial cotton.
The cottons that come with cosmetics are too rough. Sometimes it will easily tear off and absorb too much of the products.
Choosing smooth and tight cotton is ok~~!
However if it's too thick will be absorbing too much skin so lets look carefully.

DHC silky cotton
The texture is perfect which is made out of mixed silk.
The size is large that could wipe off all the ten nails without having to use a new one.
Also when you apply the tonner, the cotton holds tightly.
However the problem is that it absorbs too much tonner.
The texture is great and large enough to wipe all the way down to the neck.
The shape doesn't get destroy.
Also there is some pocket shape where you could place your hand while you use this…but it doesn’t work really well.
So no use
80ps for 2,000won and went up to 2,500won.
When you buy a lot at the same time online, you can get it cheaper.

The Face shop Silky and Soft
The shape and the texture are similar to DHC.
This is ‘Silky and Soft!’
It is 100% cotton.
However the seat covering the cotton feels little bit different.
The characteristic and the price are just same as DHC cotton.
Absorbs lots of skin and the shape doesn’t get easily distorted.
Also the size is too big that can’t fit in my facial cotton case.
I don't like the shape getting destroyed so I don't carry this around with me.

The Body Shop
In the past days I liked to use this.
The shape is circular and large.
Its 100% cotton and have embossing.
When you touch it you can feel that it’s cotton~
It’s possible to use all the way to the neck.
However also this takes in too much tonner.
100ps for 2,500won

E ion pump
The print of the embossing is in minus shape so that's unique.
The texture is smooth as well.
This absorbs tonner for fair enough amount so it’s good.
80ps for 1,000won.
However my sister bought 5-6 boxes for 10,000won only.
The price is cheap and compare to the price it works really well~~
This is much better than cottons that are said to be organic that doesn't function properly.

You can use the case again because it’s transparent made in plastic.
There is a space for the cottons to come out easily so that’s good.
The thickness is little bit thinner than E ion pump.
The texture is smooth and tight that holds tonner successfully.
100ps for 2,00won
The transparent case is comfortable and the texture is fine but there is much better cottons like this~
So I don’t think I will buy again.

It’s very modernized where you could fold and unfold at the same time.
The size gets 4 times bigger than folded size.
It is really smooth and can wipe off easily and the texture is smooth when you apply the tonner it becomes soft.
You don't really have to use this for wiping off your face.
This is useful even for removing eye makeup.
100ps for 2,000won

All of these 6 are just good as others so you have to choose that goes will with you.
Just look at the positive part of these cottons and purchase it.
I have so much cotton on my cabinet however when I think about repurchasing I would go for soft E ion pump.
I just like the smooth texture and compare to the price its really good deal.

When you use cotton with tonner than it helps to take away the waste left on the face and organize the skin.
So it’s better to use a cotton rather than your hand.

However there are some tonners that function differently.
You can use as organizing your skin or just giving nutrient to your skin.
There are different types.
So use them according to the function.