Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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If you want to have black gel nail for summer~

Wanting to have the chic style during the summer days with black color is possible.
The weather is too hot to have black nails but using the silver glitters together won’t make it too heavy but relieves the feeling.
Also it makes your hand look whiter.
So many people are into black color for these kinds or reasons.

Black deep French gel nail

French gel nail brings out the color but not too much.
People like to try out vivid color when they do gel French nail.
Also many people would like to do French nail with gel polish because it can be revised.
It can last for 2 weeks or until 4 weeks.
When the nail grows it might look messy because the colors are fading.

Revision is possible when you do French gel nail or gradation.
Because the growing part is in transparent color so it can easily connect the color however when its full colored, having to layer out the color looks messy because of the stain.
People, who don’t want their nails to be shortening during the revision, tell the artisan before they are doing the revision.
Other wise if it’s too long they would ask you first about the length.

So moving on to this black deep French gel nails.
If you want to add feminine to the black chic color place some ribbon decoration.
The sparkling ribbon helps the black color to be alive but not too strong.
This is black nails that goes perfectly with summer days due to the cute ribbon pats.

I put a small size of ribbon pats and it looked really cute.
I used it on the white gel nails instead of black so it looked really well.
However for the black nails, bigger size of ribbon would be better.

Many people liked my nails as well because the small ribbon went well with the background color.
It looked adorable compare to the black background.
For the black gel nail it is better to do bigger size or sparkling ribbon because it balance out more with the deep color.

Decoration can help simple colors to look fancy.

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