Thursday, October 11, 2012

Metal mirror tip. summer pedicure, Cool Nail

Metal mirror tip..!
This has different feeling compare to the gel nails.
Metal mirror tip and the metal tip are managing the summer days.
It is popular during summer days.
Metal tip is for people who wants look chic and fancy.
People who want to look really glamorous would love to do mirror tip.
There is diversity of colors for mirror tips.
Among the colors, pastel color is popular because it gives soft feeling.

If it's blue color it will look so cool during the summer and shines off different colors under the sunlight.

Metal mirror tip could be done for all 4 seasons but it's best to do during summer time.
If you are attaching something to your toenails, it's better to wear open toe shoes because if not the cover of the shoes will push the tip and hurt your toenails.
So during the summer time go for metal mirror tip.

Also it's good for people who like to wear sandals and want to give point to their look.
During the hot summer days it's better to wear comfortable sandals than heels so many people wears them.
Also it won’t look too simple because the toenails are looking very extravagant.

Metal mirror tip has a shiny effect but different to gel nail.
It is more like a luster and shines as if you had put an essence.

People who likes to have feminine style they would mostly go for pink color.
The color is soft and brings out the feminine inside the woman.

It is possible to do for fingernails but it would be better to do for toenails.
If there is some scratch it will be easily seen but for toenails it’s hardly to see without having to look so closely.

Also it doesn’t fall off easily unless you are playing bear foot soccer.
Metal mirror tip doesn’t fall off all at once so have to do the revision one by one not like gel polish all at once.
Both of them lasts really long however when the toenail grows you have to take out the metal mirror tip.
It will last even you enjoy yourself at the swimming pool.
However when you are going overseas, it is better to do gel polish than mirror tip.
You will never know if it falls apart during your vacation so just to make sure, gel pedicure is safer to do.

So during the summer days~ you should try out the metal mirror tip~

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