Thursday, October 11, 2012

Essence Recommend: Kiehl's - Powerful Line Reducing Consent Light, High Potency Skin Firming

I can’t really remember when did I start to use Kiehl’s products.
Just some how I started to like this product the most.
I didn't dramatically experience great skin but shows the effect clearly depending on the skin type. If you saw an effect by using moisture cream doesn’t mean that it will give the same effect when you use cosmetics for dry skin type.

I want to try out using all the 6 essences in Kiehl, which the price is alike to each other making me think, if the effect is similar than?

I bought “Powerful Line Reducing Consent Light” and after 3 days I got ‘High Potency Skin Firming’ as a present. So I had a great chance of comparing these two items.

Among all the review essence is hard to do because the effect isn’t right away.
When there is effect instantly than later on it becomes just normal essence.
So I can only say how it feels when you apply them.

“Powerful Line Reducing Consent Light”
The high concentration of vitamin absorbs into the skin and warms the skin.
When I heard this, I thought what does that mean?
 I felt uncomfortable at first.
I never felt this kind of warmness from any other skin care products.
When you apply it, I feel like there is some protection on my skin making me feel awkward.
So I took sometime to get use to this and got addicted by the warmth.
It helps the tiny wrinkles to recover and making the skin tone brighter so used by many maniacs of Kiehl’s products which I read it on the magazine.
However according to the magazine I didn’t really see the wrinkles going away maybe because I didn’t have tiny wrinkles also didn’t really experience the brightening of the skin right away.
Some of my friends have felt it but it didn’t work for me.
So people who are looking for vitamin essence should try this out.
Comparing the price to high concentration of vitamin C essence isn't that expensive!

"High Potency Skin Firming"
I have less tension in my face so every time when I see products that said to be giving this kind of effect my attention goes to it.
I tried many tension creams from L brand, C brand and other more but I didn’t experience any so I gave up.

However this product doesn’t give this pulling effect right away like other products.
When you use other tension creams you can sense the pulling effect but for this I feel light and moisturize.
It isn’t sticky.
Even now I can’t really feel a big difference from before and now.
However this is more for skin firming so I am using it as that.

These two products can use for any types of skin so thats good.

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