Monday, October 29, 2012

Spangle gel nail, light purple, blue green gel polish, square shape spangle, french nail, Cool Nail

On raining days try spangle gel nail
Is there other item that isn’t fancier than spangle?

Many customers in Cool Nail love to wear spangles.
During summer time decorating your entire nails with spangle give point to the look.

The most important characteristic of spangle is that style changes by the shape or color.
Even thought there is nearly any difference but when you place it on the nails, could give very different look.

This nail was done with square spangles.
This square spangles give more fashionable style.
So people who want to be fashionable should go for this shape of spangles.
When you look closely there are some difference in color so its less stiff.

The arrangement of the spangles could look edgy or soft.

Light purple and blue green go well with any hands.
Especially light purple is soft color, which goes well with feminine and elegant style.
For the woman who is planning to get married should try out their nails with light purple instead of pink or white color.
This color goes well with the wedding dress.

On top of light purple color, placing the silver spangles gives a point to the light purple not looking too plain.
For the blue green color, same color of spangle was used so it matches well and balancing out all the spangles.

Leave some space between the spangles.
In circular spangles, it's ok to put closely to each other because space well form eventually however for square glitter placing closely next to them look like a one thick glitter.

Also having the shape of the nail square goes well with the square spangles.
To place the spangles do deep French nail so there are some space to place the spangles.
Also paint thicker for blue green color so 3 lines of spangles can fit.
It’s also fine to do 2 lines~

Spangles shine more on gel nails.
It shines really nicely than regular polishes and helps the spangles to even shine more.
Especially for silver glitter, it will make it look like glass and give volume to the over all nail art.
The picture doesn’t show that well…so sad..

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