Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cream blush recommend: Stila Gladiola /Bobbi Brown pot rouge

This product had fair enough amount of popularity.

I didn’t get to buy them but won it through contest in the magazine.
For cheek and lip can use this cream blush
The color shows off nicely upon the foundation.
There isn’t rough feeling and applies really smoothly.
Applying with your hand makes it settle with the skin without clustering.
My color is ‘Gladiola’ and for the first time users I recommend this color..

Bobbi Brown pot rouge 3,6000won
I went to Bobbi Brown to buy eyeliner but when the employer applied pale pink rouge and I bought it right away.
When the pale pink color was realized it became out of stock.
Also for this it is cream type formula, which you applied with your hand patting on softly to your cheeks, lip, even for your eyes.
Able to give natural color to your face.

I got ‘Calypso’ color as a gift and I don't really use that much.
However there are many other people who like this color.
People who want to just make your cheeks looking healthy instead of giving pink color would be better to purchase this color.

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