Monday, October 15, 2012

Lip plump, recommend lip plump - Clinique, Banila Co, Duwop

Have you seen Lip plump???
I would recommend to people who have many wrinkles on their lips.

Clinique Full Potential Lips
It was over all the magazines and many editors recommend this product.
I was disappointed with Clinique.
Lip plump has special formula that fastens the cells that makes the lip warm.
It sure makes it warm at the first time but it is very light and disappears quickly.
I can’t really tell if it makes my lip plump.
Do I have to use it twice as much than normal?
The persistence is fine but I don't like the stickiness.
There is better lip-gloss than this when you look for glossiness and color.

It is better to use Banila Co Kiss Me Not Lip Plump

When you wear it is gives some spark to the lips.
This was out of stock after it was released about 2 weeks.
I think because of the inexpensive price.
There isn’t dramatic effect.
However there is some formula that pumps up the list for a while.
There is diversity of colors to choose from so you don’t have to waste that much money to buy the Clinique product.

Do you know about Duwop?
Duwop Venom Gloss
It might be unfamiliar to people who are not in beauty.
However many Hollywood celebrities uses this product which I read it in the magazine.

Among the products this product makes the plumping effect to last long.
The smell isn’t good for me. (cinnamon substance)
At first it’s cool but when you keep using it, you can’t feel it anymore.
I heard that Jennifer Aneston uses this and Paris Hilton.

Any way looking at the persistence, it lasts long compare to other lip plumps.
The intensity of color is like normal lip-gloss.

The similarities between these lip plump is that it is sticky so people who doesn’t like this feeling shouldn’t purchase when your lips isn’t that thin.

When you are using lip-gloss!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                        Do you still rub your lips together?

For the artist they would even use brush to apply a lip-gloss.
However for people like me, we are too busy so I will tell you some tip.
Place some enough amount of lip-gloss on the tube or the brush itself than apply on the middle upper and lower lip.
The remaining lip-gloss put it all around the remaining part of the lip.
Don't rub your lips together.
It would be better to add some more on the middle to give juicy looking lip.

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