Saturday, June 30, 2012

Here is heaven

Today I am living in is heaven-
I can’t believe how happy I am.
I am not sure whether I worth being responded to all my prayers.
God’s love always overflows.
It’s above my desert.
I am just thankful.

Friday, June 29, 2012

50 advices for young adults

1. Don’t indulge in making boy/girlfriend. 
Be a worshiper who does her/his best in meeting God. That is what real bless is.

2. Don’t be a computer illiterate. Be a computer master. But don’t worship it. 
Control your computer in making it be used for glory of God.

3. Don’t be sad even though others hate you.
Don’t be vain when others like you.
Our purpose is to live a life that exercises influence that is not ignored. Let’s pray for this.

4. Ceramics cannot exist without fire.
Dirt becomes beautiful ceramics when it gets through fire.
Remember that hardships are moments it becomes a beautiful ceramics.
Let’s face them rather than avoid.

5. Don’t pray “I’ll tithe when I earn enough.”
Tithe brings you grace of Lord.
Let’s tithe even when you have a penny.
Only those people can manage bigger grace.

6. Will you feed divine nature or guilty nature?
Let’s be a life that feed divine nature.
Nature revives when fed with prayer and God’s words. Then it kills guilty nature.

7. Did you pray for rain? Bring your umbrella.
Did you pray for grace? Bring your bible.

8. Buy praise tapes. Don’t duplicate them.
Duplicated grace cannot last long. Pay for the cost.

9. Others criticize your prayer? Laugh off them rather than making excuses to them.
Don’t fight them. We are not the ones fight with people.

10. 3 days of church retreat is grace of 3 days. Don’t mistake it as a glory of a year.
Don’t show off your grace. Read words and meditate. With it, we can always be a winner.

11. Buy and read church books to make them bestsellers that surpass general books. 
And borrower cannot be the man. Buy them and write your name on it.

12. School I attend is mission God gave me.
Don’t blame or complain. Praying is what I do.

13. Our purpose is not the first palace.
Believer becomes the best in specific field.
Do you want to be a backup dancer?
Do your best to be a first-class backup dancer in the world
Let’s live a life with passion.

14. What vision did God give you? Be proud of it.
Always pray and get ready.

15. Always keep your shoes clean.
Our feet are messengers of our good news.
The cover should also be clean.

16. Don’t believe in fortune. Don’t believe in destiny.
There is no fortune or destiny in God’s world. There is only providence.
Always ask god’s intention. He answers all questions.

17. Do not miss church worship. Flesh of soul goes away. Soul need to be ample.

18. Do you wait for bargain sale of department store?
Do you run for freebies?
God’s grace is also free. There is no condition.
Run for it. He gives grace that lasts forever.

19. Our goal is not to live, but to die for God.
Don’t struggle to live forever, pray to die for God.
We should live and die for God, not for money.

20. People who don’t bring bible but cell phone.
You cannot receive God’s words through cell phone.
God says with his words.

21. Do not crumple your shoes. Your life will crumple as well

22. You have a crush on someone in retreat.
We come to like someone on worship travel.
Don’t be cheated. It is Satan’s kidding.
If you come to like someone without a prayer, it leads you to corruption.

23. Bring a bible that your name inscribed.
Don’t break up with bible. It’s break up with your faith.

24. Do not be addicted in cigarette. Do not be addicted in alcohol.
 Do not be addicted in computer.
Be addicted in words.

25. We wish to have a Jesus dream.
Let’s bless each other, “good night, have Jesus dreams.”

26. Don’t be dragged in prayer gathering. Lead prayer gathering.

27. Don’t be brother of Joseph who kills dreamers:
 let’s be dreamers who pursue bigger dreams!

28. Don’t drag out others’ flaws.
It’s life of a beggar.

29. Don’t blame others with fingers.
Look at your blaming hand.
One is pointing other and 4 are pointing you.
Unfold fingers and bless others with it.
It becomes a precious hand.

30. You are born to be loved.

Give it when you receive some. It makes you receive more love.

You are born to give love to people.
I believe you are giving it this moment.

31. Show light. Don’t conceal it.
Show you are light. It makes surroundings bright.

32. Let’s buy worship tapes.
Let’s make a history which worship tapes are selling more than Cho Sungmo’s tapes. 
It’s accident of revival.

33. Are you bullied because of your belief? Don’t be sad.
You are separated person for the Lord.

34. Don’t boast your money, smartness, or your pretty face. 
Boast God who worships you.
Everything goes away but God doesn’t.

35. Make a goal for tomorrow to live differently from today. And use your time.

36. Don’t be a man who waits a girl for hours.
It makes you corrupted. Use these hours for prayer.

37. Don’t be attracted by women’s makeup or clothes.
Makeup can conceal everything. Pray after attracted by praying and worshiping woman.
It makes your life prayer.

38. Don’t be attracted by men’s fancy appearance.
Fancy symbols hardship. Pray after attracted by his loyalty to God. 
It makes your life prayer.

39. What is goal of my life?
Speak it out loudly after attaching it on your desk. It shows where you are headed.

40. Prayer is a labor. Work hard and study hard.
That also is prayer Jesus takes. Prayer is a labor.
Do your best in prayer. It has reward.

41. Do you want to be a China missionary? Study Chinese first.
Do you want to be Africa missionary? Study African culture and history first.
Do you want to be God’s person? Please bible.

42. Do you want to brood the world?
Then study the language of the world, English.

43. We are salt of the world. Salt makes flat flavor tasty.
Let’s show the taste of the world. Show it with your face.
Smile, until it feels flat.

44. It is legal for women to transform.
But change of women’s heart is blessing and delight.
Women! Let’s change hearts, not appearance!

45. The one that doesn’t highlight is not color.
Here is the one that highlights and changes the world. It’s belief.

46. There is no new on daily newspaper.
But a book saying same things is new every day.
It’s bible. Let’s renew with reading it.

47. Would you do nothing laughing at people who pray?
Or be a person who kneels down to show the power of prayer?
It’s up to you!

48. We should exercise to train our body.
However, body gets old and dies.
Make soul strong with continuous exercising with words and prayer.

49. Great man dreams? No. Man who dreams is great.
Let’s be a great person who dreams what God gives.

50. Great Joseph is not born great but made through hardships.
Do you want to be great Joseph?
Then welcome and be delighted with hardships.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

God loves us~! / Today, with bearing my cross

No matter how we look..Father loves us.
No matter how…

The next time you feel God can’t use you,
Remember the following people:

NOAH was a drunk…

ABRAHAM was too old…

ISAAC was a daydreamer…

JACOB was a liar…

LEAH was ugly…

JOSEPH was abused…

MOSES couldn’t talk.

GIDEON was afraid…

SAMPSON had long hair & was a womanizer…

RAHAB was a prostitute

JEREMIAH and TIMOTHY were too young…

DAVID had an affair & was a murderer…

ELLIJAH was suicidal.

ISAIAH preached naked.

JONAH ran from God.
NAOMI was a widow.

JOB went bankrupt.

JOHN the Baptist ate bugs…

PETER denied Christ…

THE DISCIPLES fall asleep while praying…

MARTHA worried about everything.

MARY MAGDALENE was demon possessed…

The SAMARTIAN WOMAN was divorced...more than once!!...

ZACCHEUS was too small.

PAUL was too religious…

TIMOTHY had an ulcer…



No matter how…
That’s God’s way.
It makes us able to be used.
God makes incomplete people hard

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Letter from Father

Dear my daughter

The world you are living in this moment is where you just stay for a while.

My heart is broken when you pay no attention to relationship with me.

My lovely daughter,

Who do you feel sad for..?

I let my son die upon the cross for you…

I have always been near you…

Why do you forget my present?

Why do you wave hands to other people…not me…?

Do you think money and competence are standard of happiness like other people?

Do you think nice job and nice house make you happy…?

I hope you not live in standard of other people.

My lovely daughter…

Please remember my wonderful plans for you…

Friday, June 22, 2012

My last power

I prayed with all my heart.
I Always
Feel shame
To lean on belief
Every time I feel harsh
I want to believe that I didn’t today.
Although we can’t say time spent on church and grace are proportional,
Wednesday worship, Saturday university division, 
Sunday worship, choir, devotional service-
I’m blessed. Truly.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The heart of Father

You don’t know me well but I know you all – Ps. 139:1

I know your sitting down and standing up – Ps. 139:2

I know all your behaviors – Ps. 139:3

I even know how many hair you have… - Mr. 10:39-31

It’s because I made you with my shape. – Gen 1:27    

You always live and act inside me – Acts. 17:28

Because you are my children – Acts. 17:28

I knew you before I made obey – Jer. 1:4-5

I chose you before the world. – Eph. 1:11-12

You are not born accidentally.
It’s all written in my book – Ps. 139:16-16

Your birth place and living place is all set beforehand. – Acts. 17:26

I made you a marvel – Ps. 139:14

Built in mother’s matrix – Ps. 139:13

I made you born – Ps. 71:6

People who don’t know me distorted me – Jn. 8:41-44

But I am love that lives near you. – 1 Jn. 4:16

I want to give you a lot of love. – 1 Jn. 3:1

You are my child and I am your father. – 1 Jn. 3:1

I will give you what human father cannot give. – Mr. 7:11

I am complete father. – Mr. 5:48

Merciful teachers and complete gifs are all from me – Jas. 1:17

I know you need them – Mr. 6:31-33

My though toward you is peace and why I want to give hope to your future is – Jer. 29:11

Because I love you with all my heart – Jer 31:3

My heart toward you is huge. – Ps. 139:17-18

I sing with joy because of you – Zeph 3:17

I don’t stop blessing you – Jer 32:40

You are my own. – Ex. 19:5

I bless you with joy and will plant you with all my heart. – Jer 32:41

See! I will show you huge and mysterious things that you are not aware of. – Jer 33:3

You can meet me if you find me with all your heart. – Dt. 4:29

Be delighted for me, I will make your wishes happen. – Ps. 37:4

I want you to act with hope. – Phil. 2:13

I will give all of it. – Eph. 3:20

I’m your comforter – 2 Th. 2:16-17

I will comfort you in every hardship. – 2 Cor. 1:3-4

I will be closer to you when you are in grief. – Ps. 34:18

I will brood you like shepard bracing sheep. – Ps. 40:11

Someday I will wipe tears on your eyes – Rev. 21:3-4

And get rid of every pain and sadness. – Rev. 21:3-4

It’s because I love you like I love Jesus. – Jn. 17:23

I showed you my love through Jesus. – Jn. 17:26

Jesus is my shape. – Heb. 1:3

I showed love toward you – Rom. 8:31

And not to ask about your sin – 2 Cor. 5.18-19

And to make your family in peace he died – 2 Cor. 5.18-19

His dead is my love toward you. – 1 Jn. 4:10

I let my son die to get your love. – Rom. 8:31-332

Ones who received my son’s love will receive me. – 1 Jn. 2:23

Nothing can cut my love toward you. – Rom 8:38-39

I will open a party of delight when I come back. – Lk. 15:7

I have always been your father and I always will be. – Eph. 3:14-15

Do you want to be my son? – Jn. 1:12-13

I will wait for you… - Lk. 15:11-32

*-from father, with love-*

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Etude House Eyes product.

1 AM…. I sometimes get disillusioned by something.
It happened yesterday.

Something suddenly appeared in brain.
Etude Aloha Tropical Eyes 48 colors.

I found the paper and plastic case weird.
Etude is strange these days. I don’t know why…
But they releases cosmetics case made of paper or plastic which is not better than a snack case.

I don’t like it anyway…. I didn’t feel like buying it…But I bought it because of the ’48 colors’ and the relatively cheap price. But Still, I don’t like the case.
The case is not only not durable but also big. I don’t like big ones!
I suddenly came to find three gum cases.

And finally, I started to make them as cosmetic cases.

In my eyes, it might contain 24 each (3x8).
So two cases would be make it.

So I made it in midnight.
I arranged them according to colors in case of explaining it to bloggers.
I numbered the colors 1~48.
And I put 1~24 in one case, and 25~48 to the other.

I thought I mastered in making…
but as it is a very small one, I could break it.
So I used scissors as you can see with picture.

If I fold it in half, it pops out.
I stabbed it after pulling it out carefully.
I focused very much not to mess up the order.

So green/ brown/ orange were put in lime gum case, 
and pink/ violet/ blue were put in mint gum case.
When I do things like this, friends tell me to try things like dividing eye shadows, 

but My pride as a artist doesn’t allow it.

It may look like a bathroom tile, but I was very satisfied with it.
I posted it for ones who feel uncomfortable with things like this, just like me.
It is good to keep and students might use it during classes.

I used glues for eyelashes on parts short of bond.
And in case of forgetting, I marked the order.

Hahaha If I studied like this, Magazine Papa might have been Medical Science Papa by now. 

Mom, Sorry I didn’t study like this.

Here goes some correction notice on July class registration.

Class Notice

Did you notice that original ‘Plain Class’ changed into Lee Younghyun’s ‘Pure Glam’?
It went back to Lee Younghyun’s ‘Plain Class’.
There are many reasons…
Sometimes surprisingly, some classes are consisted of students who never tried eye shadow ever, which makes courses impossible to progress simultaneously. 
This is why it returned to original ‘Plain Class’.
Please check the changes below.

Class is comprised with 4 times of natural makeup for curriculum guided for beginners, and class is also separated into 2 during class for enabling close directing according to skin state, progress (e.g., attaching eyelashes) right after basic lessons are over.
Like we did in July, makeup artist Lim Chan-yang director join and teach with me.
We still take 12 students per class maximum like before, but it’s different in that it is separated from Style class for detailed teaching.
As we do start lecture even when students are far short, the classes might be different in student numbers.
Please expect us because we continue to study system to realize more professional and systemic 1:1 coaching program!

Please note the class hour change!!
No more Sunday classes
Starting from July 7th Thurs/Fri/Sat class
Thursday 11:00/ 3:00/ 7:30
Friday 11:00/ 3:00/ 7:30
Saturday 10:00/ 7:00

All classes take 12 students maximum.
We lectured total 4 classes on FriFriFriFri, SatSatSatSat, SunSunSunSun… to give students enough time to review what they have learned.
I think it was quite effective, so it goes again on TurThurThurThur, FriFriFriFri, SatSatSatSat~
Class length is 120 minutes ~180 minutes as per student number.
It sometimes takes longer due to students who don’t go back after class is over…J
Of course you can leave earlier~~
Even if you take this class for the first time, you can leave earlier if you master daily progress.


-1:1 base product checking

-right ways to use makeup brush and application

-proper Basic base (foundation) for respective skin condition using brush, sponge, and hand
: required equipments including makeup brush are provided.

-1:1 instruction for concealer (covering blemishes, copper tone, dark circle)

-base products mixing

-base makeup feedback

-correcting contour (including hair line, let alone highlighter and shading)

-Instruction of powder for respective skin condition

-arranging eyebrows and drawing
: we teach how to trim eyebrows and draw matching eyebrows after trimming eyebrows of every one of students

-color products mixing techniques and application (checking color products students already have and recommending required products for each)

-expression of blusher and finding matching location

-fundamentals and application of lip makeup
-feedback of 1st~2nd classes

-eye shadow techniques and expression of eye line that suits each

-right ways to use eyelash curler express eyelashes (attaching whole product! –attaching after cutting them is in Style class curriculum)

-Finishing full makeup with blusher that learned before and lip match

-full makeup based on 1st~3rd classes

-correction makeup for skin condition and coating with sunscreen

-intensive review of incomplete part

-All products that are used during classes including makeup brushes and artificial eyelashes are provided by Piccasso Brush
:must be returned after classes

-1:1 recommendation of makeup brush
: students are provided with actual makeup brush composition which active artists use when attending classes. After using it freely, student can have 1:1 individual recommendation or students’ personal needs.

-Honey eye (refer to before last posting)
Honey eye of hate and love.
Print is delayed due to a reason that I can tell this month.
As continual production seems impossible (unsettled), I set number of copies that is accessible for July students.

-Honey Water’s ‘Loyal Blue’ membership
: write customer card (DB is possessed by Honey Water, not Piccasso Makeup School)
Take a picture of full face (excepted when not wanted)
Provided with recommendation and counseling service for respective makeup style with managing students’ faces, personal data, and beauty/lifestyle systematically.
More private service is accessible through personal contact number and mail when become a Loyal Blue.
*As ‘Honey Eye’ production became uncertain, ‘makeup spatula’ production is decided.
The company offered to make them up from 1000 pieces, so it will cost me a fortune… I guess it’s why my mom told me to watch my mouth.
Still, I’m looking for cheaper factories
Of course, February/March/April/June students also can access them.
Because it’s Loyal Blue~J

-extra trimming and drawing eyebrows lessons twice
: available only for student after reservation

*No Honey nail service for June/July students due to personal schedule like informed in advance
*Inquire to Piccasso about product discount benefit~

-Entering after class started is not allowed.
: please regard other students
We take no responsibility for disadvantages for late or absent

-attend all 4 classes with naked face!
: face wash should be done before class (cleansing tool and warm water is provided~)

-confirming class tuition and registration is available on Piccasso Brush Homepage.

Lee Seunghyun ★ Lee Younghyun’s style class

Style class is renewed!
Students want quality of 1:1 or 3:1… The one come into my mind when I try to expand class maintain quality is… my teacher.
Although my teacher experienced many classes with number of students, as I pursue first-class quality… fixed number is 6.
My teacher’s participation makes it 2:6=1:3.
Whole classes are progressed in practice.
The length is 120 minutes.
You can get various information and skills that are not accessible with lettersJ
I was quite surprised when doing last June Style class.
Many wanted a lot deeper ‘natural’ makeup than fancy style like smoky makeup.
Everything is fine.
Style class will follow every students’ tastes~

*reenroll for Plain Class is not possible.
Students who want reenroll can participate in Style Class, and when Style Class is closed,don’t register Plain Class. Practice a lot at your homeJ

Register for July Plain Class is currently in progress
July Style Class registration is closed

I planned to make it SatSatSatSat but it came into SatSatSunSat
I wanted to open more Style Classes, but I couldn’t
This is all because of Cho Insung, the handsome guy.
I guess it’s butterfly effect…
Insung might have known…that his CF shooting affects our class date…
Our Style Class students might have not known it, either…
That popularity of this handsome guy would affect student’s schedules…
July Class is cancelled because of hime…
‘This is what our relationship in this life?”

Anyway, as my teacher went on a sudden business trip…
I want to follow her and check how he is handsome…
But I am busy myself...

Please expect next posting, too.
I will pray to make it fast~J

*I won’t make a class-related notice unless special change comes up from now on!
You can check whether next month class progresses and ‘Plain’ and ‘Style’ class schedule. Register is also available at every end of month about 25~27.
Please refer to website~

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kiehl’s Crème de Corps whipping Cream-2011/04/17

Do you know what body balm is?

I was busy and I didn’t do much posting these days Maybe it can be because I’m lazy.

The stress from this is great.
I have never pretended to be diligent, but people tough me a diligent person.
I was lazy these days, but I had a nosebleed during a class.

Nosebleed… Isn’t it surprising?
I wanted this, actually.

There were some moments I wanted to have a nosebleed in high school.
I had no nosebleed at every time.  

As my nose bled, it felt like I was living very diligently.

I’m just one who wants to live diligently…
I try to do more postings…
I fail all the time.

I have a photographing today.
I have jobs of introducing Korean culture to Japan magazine…
So I determined to do a posting beforehand.

It won’t be bad… It would be better if I started this earlier.

Body balm vs. Body balm

As I mentioned at last posting, I am addicted to a massage.
So… I found these two products after adding moisture by using rich body lotions.
It’s new products from Clinique and Kiehl’s


Clinique deep comfort body butter 200ml/ 33000

I found a this new product while walking alone a department store.
I grabbed it right after seeing the word ‘deep comfort’.
What on earth is Murumuru butter?
I reads it contains Murumuru butter. It is known to be in Amazon.
It seems that cosmetics companies are now seeking even Amazon…
But I guess they might have been cheating the existence of a ingredient.

The reason I talk like this is that Murumuru butter doesn’t seem to be very nice for moisturizing skin.

First, the scent.
It has no scent so it doesn’t give me a pleasure during taking bath.

It’s last April, so I can’t remember very well, except the fact that it moisturizes poorly.

The amount is also not enough.
I used it up for one month, though I didn’t use it much.

The biggest reason I don’t feel to use body balm is that I can’t use it with pumping.
A spatula from Shu Uemura

It is too big to use as a makeup tool.
It’s good for ladle body balm, as it’s made of stainless.

It’s flat so it enables a clean use.

But, I don’t like it. I don’t like using spatula or using my hands.
The reason I bought a body balm is that itching was driving me crazy.

There’s nothing more to mention about this one.
It’s not lght and not moist.

It’s still itchy.
I’m afraid of scratching causing me an atopic skin.
There also are balm-typed body butter and body lotion in Clinique Deep Comfort. 

I bought it because of dryness…
As the butter one is like this, it’s needless to check lotion.

Kiehl’s Crème De Corps Whipping Body Cream 226g/58000

It was released in September…
I used Clinique one first, and I bought this one in winter.
It didn’t feel good as it’s balm-typed, but I was feeling too dry at that time.
People said it ‘whipping cream’ so I wondered why… 

I was surprised when I actually feel it with my palm.

It doesn’t seem much like whipping cream with eyes.

It’s a inexperienced formula that feels soft and more elastic.
It feels like a bubble of real whipping cream.

I like the feeling.
It applies well like a bubble evaporates.

Anyway, balm is balm. Applying over a little moist skin is good for moisture.

What I liked most was the scent.
The sweet scent may cause definite likes and dislikes.
It’s not like flower scent which we can buy at stores. 

Applying it after taking bath made me feel good.
I didn’t expect light feeling, but when I lied on bed after applying it, it felt little heavy on my skin.

But anyway, the itch is gone!
So I loved using it.

Just, it’s not moist all day like Kiehl’s says.
It just prevents dryness removing itch.
It doesn’t give moist all over the body!

I used it up yesterday.

Repurchasing is my concern.
I love this one, but I can’t accept using spatula or spoon when applying it.

Honestly, pumping container is usable for this formula.
I think Kiehl’s selected this container in order to make a difference from the original Crème de Corps.
I’m even thinking of moving this to a pumping container.

Crème de Corps…it was on the last body moisturizer posting…
I won’t use it any more.
I liked the moisturizing effect, but I don’t like the scent.

It is not worth considering for me.
The original Crème de Corps was felt like a melted plastic, but this sweet Crème de Corps Whipping is like honey butter.

One who liked the feeling might like this one.
Please check the scent beforehand!

As I got older, I came to prefer products that are rich and have great moisturizing effects to ones that are matt and moisturize less.

I will announce winners of last Honey Party.

Dry – Kang Hyejung(tem0219)
Neutral1 – Arenni(hohojinhui)
Neutral2 – Rolline(jhi1602)
Oily – Toji(eung1215)

To winners: please leave your name, address, and contact number on my bulletin boardJ

I will do my best to make the shipping as soon as possibleJ
I appreciate all neighbors who registered with interest.
My party should have made people scream, “WOW~~~”, but I feel sad I only have drawn “Oh!”…
It’s only named party although it is not actually…
However, as many of my friends offered me some samples for Honey party… I feel great that many people are attracted to this.
See you again at next Honey Party~
It won’t be that longJ

Today’s famous restaurant

I hope you not surprised by a sudden beef picture…J
I wanted to introduce a cheap and great restaurant.
It’s Won Mee Jung in Itaewon.
I want to have meal in here in shirt time…
Location: Yongsan gu Itaewon dong
Phone number: 02-798-7736

It is said to have 20 years of history.
I am not sure it feels like the history, it’s quite shabby compared to these restaurants.
Well, it’s not sure but sometimes I have meal in here, I find groups of gangsters.
My head sink forward on my chest and chew beefs not to make eye contact with them.
They are not just teenager bullies…they are original gangsters famous in their territory.
Yes… those gangsters also had a great taste.
But why this one…..

This picture is quite plain…
It’s because it was a meal with elders so taking pictures of meal could seem ‘rude’ to them…
I just took only one picture of each and I put my cell away.
I came here for the first time after looking nice place to have a doenjang stew.
Doenjang stew costs 5500 won… it’s so tasty.
Pork stew costs 6000 won. It’s like pork kimchi stew.
You might feel deep taste.
It’s the taste of countryside.
And hand-rub Korean beef!!
I don’t like hand-rub beef.
I have a bad experience with it when I was young.
I will save this story for next time.
They let me try the hand-rub beef so I closed my eyes and decided to put it in my mouth….and I feel heaven.
What a surprise!
I don’t prefer sweet taste…But it is fitly sweet.
Most of all I like the grill.
One thing is that… smoke doesn’t go away.
Then think of gangsters sitting next to you.
I decided to stand it for its taste.
Even gangsters don’t complain about it.

Hangover soup costs 3000 won.
It’s real cheap, isn’t it?
Stews are all in good price.
It’s cheap like my clothes…but I was shocked by the total cost.
The beef wasn’t cheap.. It cost over hundreds of thousands won as there were 3 adults.
Anyway, visit this place when you happen to visit Itaewon~

I usually go Hyatt Hotel for desert after having a meal at Won Mee Jung.
Oh, beef smell on my shirts…
It’s better than I thought but everybody seems to smell me.
However, we cannot just go through Hyatt’s historic blueberry cheese cake.
In fact, I’m totally full, but it feels like forgiving my race when I pass through here.

I strongly recommend you have desert at fancy Hyatt after having a meal at shabby Won Mee JungJ

This place is really, really cheap
Skill of granny
Jongro 5ga ‘Traditional dried radish greens stew’
Location: Jongro gu Yunji dong 65-2
Phone number: 02-3675-2444

Dried radish greens stew only costs 3000 won.
It is hard to have change after paying 10000 won for meals for 3 people.
I know routes in Jongro… but it is quite hard to find.
One thing is that it has its own parking lotJ

They sell dried radish greens stew with rice.
It contains rich mineral, vitamin, and fiber!
You don’t have to rely only on my taste.
People of every age group love this.
They say Songhae and foreign Korean representative love this place.
What a surprising power this 3000 won stew have!

This place is also super shabby.
Like Won Mee Jung, I wasn’t able to take pictures freely.
You can view a lot of pictures through Naver.
It’s quite famous.
Just, it can be hard for people with luxurious taste to digest.
It was fine for me though I have a weak stomach.

They serve boiled chili and boiled egg, and kimchi.
It’s totally fine to add chili on your soup.
Too much chili can ruin the stew!
An egg for additional proteinJ
People crush it and put it on stew, but I can’t.
Side dish is only kimchi!
One delicious kimchi~
It tastes so good-

Not only the soup itself, but the soft texture that cannot be felt when eating bone stew is so impressive.

Demerit 1
Stew is only sold between 6:30 AM~ 2:00 PM
It’s hard to find this place…how can we make it on time…?
It is only opened till 10:00AM on Saturday. They open for 3 hour and half…
Last Saturday…I was 30 minutes late, but I could have it as my company was patron.
I might have it if they sell it 4~5000 won in Chungdamdong.

Demerit 2
Gangsters come here, too.
The original gangsters I commented before come to have this historic srew!
Can I say like this?
I deleted the story about first lady’s diet…J
My friend said that the government is near so I deleted right ahead.

It is written on wall like “tell you neighbors if it tastes good, and if not, tell the cook.”
So I’m telling neighbors~
Have a nice dream~

I want to do nothing but watching ‘I AM A SINGER’/’GREAT BIRTH’…
I never have seen former and once the latter.
I don’t want to hear to result through news…
Baek Chung gang~~~~~~~