Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Etude House Eyes product.

1 AM…. I sometimes get disillusioned by something.
It happened yesterday.

Something suddenly appeared in brain.
Etude Aloha Tropical Eyes 48 colors.

I found the paper and plastic case weird.
Etude is strange these days. I don’t know why…
But they releases cosmetics case made of paper or plastic which is not better than a snack case.

I don’t like it anyway…. I didn’t feel like buying it…But I bought it because of the ’48 colors’ and the relatively cheap price. But Still, I don’t like the case.
The case is not only not durable but also big. I don’t like big ones!
I suddenly came to find three gum cases.

And finally, I started to make them as cosmetic cases.

In my eyes, it might contain 24 each (3x8).
So two cases would be make it.

So I made it in midnight.
I arranged them according to colors in case of explaining it to bloggers.
I numbered the colors 1~48.
And I put 1~24 in one case, and 25~48 to the other.

I thought I mastered in making…
but as it is a very small one, I could break it.
So I used scissors as you can see with picture.

If I fold it in half, it pops out.
I stabbed it after pulling it out carefully.
I focused very much not to mess up the order.

So green/ brown/ orange were put in lime gum case, 
and pink/ violet/ blue were put in mint gum case.
When I do things like this, friends tell me to try things like dividing eye shadows, 

but My pride as a artist doesn’t allow it.

It may look like a bathroom tile, but I was very satisfied with it.
I posted it for ones who feel uncomfortable with things like this, just like me.
It is good to keep and students might use it during classes.

I used glues for eyelashes on parts short of bond.
And in case of forgetting, I marked the order.

Hahaha If I studied like this, Magazine Papa might have been Medical Science Papa by now. 

Mom, Sorry I didn’t study like this.

Here goes some correction notice on July class registration.

Class Notice

Did you notice that original ‘Plain Class’ changed into Lee Younghyun’s ‘Pure Glam’?
It went back to Lee Younghyun’s ‘Plain Class’.
There are many reasons…
Sometimes surprisingly, some classes are consisted of students who never tried eye shadow ever, which makes courses impossible to progress simultaneously. 
This is why it returned to original ‘Plain Class’.
Please check the changes below.

Class is comprised with 4 times of natural makeup for curriculum guided for beginners, and class is also separated into 2 during class for enabling close directing according to skin state, progress (e.g., attaching eyelashes) right after basic lessons are over.
Like we did in July, makeup artist Lim Chan-yang director join and teach with me.
We still take 12 students per class maximum like before, but it’s different in that it is separated from Style class for detailed teaching.
As we do start lecture even when students are far short, the classes might be different in student numbers.
Please expect us because we continue to study system to realize more professional and systemic 1:1 coaching program!

Please note the class hour change!!
No more Sunday classes
Starting from July 7th Thurs/Fri/Sat class
Thursday 11:00/ 3:00/ 7:30
Friday 11:00/ 3:00/ 7:30
Saturday 10:00/ 7:00

All classes take 12 students maximum.
We lectured total 4 classes on FriFriFriFri, SatSatSatSat, SunSunSunSun… to give students enough time to review what they have learned.
I think it was quite effective, so it goes again on TurThurThurThur, FriFriFriFri, SatSatSatSat~
Class length is 120 minutes ~180 minutes as per student number.
It sometimes takes longer due to students who don’t go back after class is over…J
Of course you can leave earlier~~
Even if you take this class for the first time, you can leave earlier if you master daily progress.


-1:1 base product checking

-right ways to use makeup brush and application

-proper Basic base (foundation) for respective skin condition using brush, sponge, and hand
: required equipments including makeup brush are provided.

-1:1 instruction for concealer (covering blemishes, copper tone, dark circle)

-base products mixing

-base makeup feedback

-correcting contour (including hair line, let alone highlighter and shading)

-Instruction of powder for respective skin condition

-arranging eyebrows and drawing
: we teach how to trim eyebrows and draw matching eyebrows after trimming eyebrows of every one of students

-color products mixing techniques and application (checking color products students already have and recommending required products for each)

-expression of blusher and finding matching location

-fundamentals and application of lip makeup
-feedback of 1st~2nd classes

-eye shadow techniques and expression of eye line that suits each

-right ways to use eyelash curler express eyelashes (attaching whole product! –attaching after cutting them is in Style class curriculum)

-Finishing full makeup with blusher that learned before and lip match

-full makeup based on 1st~3rd classes

-correction makeup for skin condition and coating with sunscreen

-intensive review of incomplete part

-All products that are used during classes including makeup brushes and artificial eyelashes are provided by Piccasso Brush
:must be returned after classes

-1:1 recommendation of makeup brush
: students are provided with actual makeup brush composition which active artists use when attending classes. After using it freely, student can have 1:1 individual recommendation or students’ personal needs.

-Honey eye (refer to before last posting)
Honey eye of hate and love.
Print is delayed due to a reason that I can tell this month.
As continual production seems impossible (unsettled), I set number of copies that is accessible for July students.

-Honey Water’s ‘Loyal Blue’ membership
: write customer card (DB is possessed by Honey Water, not Piccasso Makeup School)
Take a picture of full face (excepted when not wanted)
Provided with recommendation and counseling service for respective makeup style with managing students’ faces, personal data, and beauty/lifestyle systematically.
More private service is accessible through personal contact number and mail when become a Loyal Blue.
*As ‘Honey Eye’ production became uncertain, ‘makeup spatula’ production is decided.
The company offered to make them up from 1000 pieces, so it will cost me a fortune… I guess it’s why my mom told me to watch my mouth.
Still, I’m looking for cheaper factories
Of course, February/March/April/June students also can access them.
Because it’s Loyal Blue~J

-extra trimming and drawing eyebrows lessons twice
: available only for student after reservation

*No Honey nail service for June/July students due to personal schedule like informed in advance
*Inquire to Piccasso about product discount benefit~

-Entering after class started is not allowed.
: please regard other students
We take no responsibility for disadvantages for late or absent

-attend all 4 classes with naked face!
: face wash should be done before class (cleansing tool and warm water is provided~)

-confirming class tuition and registration is available on Piccasso Brush Homepage.

Lee Seunghyun ★ Lee Younghyun’s style class

Style class is renewed!
Students want quality of 1:1 or 3:1… The one come into my mind when I try to expand class maintain quality is… my teacher.
Although my teacher experienced many classes with number of students, as I pursue first-class quality… fixed number is 6.
My teacher’s participation makes it 2:6=1:3.
Whole classes are progressed in practice.
The length is 120 minutes.
You can get various information and skills that are not accessible with lettersJ
I was quite surprised when doing last June Style class.
Many wanted a lot deeper ‘natural’ makeup than fancy style like smoky makeup.
Everything is fine.
Style class will follow every students’ tastes~

*reenroll for Plain Class is not possible.
Students who want reenroll can participate in Style Class, and when Style Class is closed,don’t register Plain Class. Practice a lot at your homeJ

Register for July Plain Class is currently in progress
July Style Class registration is closed

I planned to make it SatSatSatSat but it came into SatSatSunSat
I wanted to open more Style Classes, but I couldn’t
This is all because of Cho Insung, the handsome guy.
I guess it’s butterfly effect…
Insung might have known…that his CF shooting affects our class date…
Our Style Class students might have not known it, either…
That popularity of this handsome guy would affect student’s schedules…
July Class is cancelled because of hime…
‘This is what our relationship in this life?”

Anyway, as my teacher went on a sudden business trip…
I want to follow her and check how he is handsome…
But I am busy myself...

Please expect next posting, too.
I will pray to make it fast~J

*I won’t make a class-related notice unless special change comes up from now on!
You can check whether next month class progresses and ‘Plain’ and ‘Style’ class schedule. Register is also available at every end of month about 25~27.
Please refer to website~

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