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Mac Tartan Tale Chapter2/Mac Lip gloss/Mac Nail/Lip gloss color recommendation-2010/12/09

It seems to be the end of 2010 Mac Limited edition that continued so long.
The last one of Tartan Tale, Mac Holiday chapter 2 lip, eye & nail kit.

Lip gloss 3 set, pigment 3 set, nail 1 set…
I chose lip gloss 1 set and nail 1 set which I like to use.

5 Sassy Coral Lassies Lipglass

Lip gloss set came out in three colors: pink/coral/neutral…
5 colors of limited edition are in one case.
Some ‘limited’ colors are often reused so it’s hard to name it ‘limited’.
Its volume is half the original one.

Supposing that you can buy two lip glosses with \50000, it’s like buying 5 min-sized ones and an iron case with $ 46.57.
Of course, it has certain benefit of experiencing various colors with similar price.
I’ve never used up lip gloss….So I love it.

Actually, I wanted to purchase all 3 sets....
My boyfriend supports my make-up purchasing, but my family doesn’t.
This is why I chose only Sassy Pink Lip Glass.
‘ Sassy Lassies ‘ color and The Over the Coquette ‘ color attracted me.

I am very satisfied with lip gloss set.
Usually I prefer lip stick to lip gloss because of its stickiness.
It’s an essential item for attractive makeup.

One more thing.
Mac’s unique color variation.
It’s less sticky than Lancome and Bobby Brown so it’s satisfying.
But now it’s winter.

I can’t wear both lipstick and a muffler at the same time…
So I apply lip gloss only indoor.
When outside, transparent lip balm is the only solution.

With satisfaction of lip gloss, I thought it was the end of 2010 Mac limited edition shopping.
But nail kit had a problem.

5 Nuaghty Little Vices Nail Lacquer
It’s Mac nail lacquer set comprised of colors for chic girls: black, two reds, green, and metallic gold.
All of them are mini-sized… I expected happiness of having 5 colors with $ 42.34.
To be honest, all of these colors aren’t outstanding that much.

May be the colors may be usual.
But I bought it without doubt, because it’s the color that everyone uses every day.
Soon, I was embarrassed after painting it on my best friend’s nail.

Not only the product itself, but the brush was mini-sized.
I had never been embarrassed with using nailing products with unknown brand.
But this one surprised me.
I experienced much mini-sized products…but this was the first time to try nailing product with mini-sized brush.

I was upset at that time, but it was definitely my fault of not checking it with my eyes.
Also, Mac store staffs would not know about this. 

I came back home and searched for all of my nailing products.
There were some mini-sized ones, but not one of them had a mini-sized brush.
Even more, there were bigger brushes.

I guess nailing brushes should be made for easy painting.
It was hard to control the amount with this small brush.

So I determined not to purchase any more Mac’s mini-sized nail.
I would check the brushes if Mac release a new mini-sized nailing product.
I suggest you to do so.

It was….really disappointing.
I have been using Mac’s products…
I wanted to request refund because of the small brush, but I decided not to in God.
May be I should use only these for a while not to make my purchase a waste.

The iron case is now used as a case for cotton swab.
The size fits perfect.

I finally sent the gift to the lottery winner today!
And I opened the lottery again.

This lottery contains much of my teacher’s products.

It’s the first time to share products of another person.

There are plenty of them. Usually, staffs take them, but this time, I got it all.

You know the lottery winner is only one, right?
I guess it’s too much for one person…but… Let’s see what I’ve got.

- The Face Shop Watery Jin Flexibility Supplement Mask Sheet 3 sheet.
- Innisfree Natural Essential Mask Acaiberry 1 sheet.
- Leaders Clinie Feminie Cleanser 4 sheet.

- Frei Hautpflege PflegeOl 4 sheet
- Frei Hautpflege PflegeOl 4 sheet

  Some may know this German brand.

- Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Tissue

- Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Foam

- Innisfree Olive Real Power Cream

- Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum 

- Innisfree Jeju Volcanic pore clay mask

- Innisfree Echo Natural Green Tes BB Cream SPF25/PA

- Cosme Decorte The White Science Deep Whitening Mask

- Cosme Decorte Vital Science Premium Washing Cream

- Cosme Decorte Vital Science Premium Washing Cream             It has function of makeup base and Day essence.
- Cosme Decorte Future Science Cleansing Oil

- Cosme Decorte Future Science Washing Cream

- Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser 2 sheet

- Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream 2 sheet

- Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer 1 sheet
- Kiehl’s Ultra Light _Daily UV Defense SPF50+/PA+++
It’s the sunscreen that was on the posting. Try this!

Impress White protect base C

Impress White Powder foundation
You can apply this with either dry or wet sponge.

Chosungah Luna Multicolor Eyeprint 01

You might have seen this on TV.
You can use it as a shadow, but it’s better to use the left one as an eye shadow and right one as a blusher.

Skin Food Black Sesame Hot Mask 2 sheet

DHC Cleansing Oil 5 sheet
Iope Whitegen Ampoule Essence 1 sheet
*This is skin lotion~

Hanskin Namuhana Natural Herb Cleansing foam 2 sheet
Hanskin Namuhana Natural Herb Cleansing foam 2 sheet
Charmzone Newcorn Control Cream 1 sheet
Trouble patch used in dermatology

These are all I’ve got.
The proper skin type for these is neutral, considering the weather.
People with the other skin type won’t make the most of these.
To winner: Please check the instruction on website beforehand.

I will take the application only by reply, in 24 hours.
Please don’t write addresses or phone numbers on it.
I take them only of the winner.

 Don’t feel bad of you don’t win.
 My teacher promised me to release more upgraded products.
And, there also are my own products.
So try next time and see you later!

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