Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hot pink and blue gel nail, spangles, summer nail, Cool Nail

Appeals chic and feminine style

Pink color is a major color for women.
There isn’t any color that gives feminine feeling.
The different value of pink color gives different style.
Hot pink helps the mood to be brighter and be funky.

Having pink and blue color at the same time gives edgy look.
Also the style could be change due to what spangle you used.
This spangle is like a paper cur spangles what gives artsy style.
It isn’t simple so brings out the color at the same time.

The spangles shine off in a different angle so it's great to do under the hot summer days.
Also there are varieties of spangle to choose from.
Not only looking at the shape but from the color.
For example, having the white color, as a base and placing blue or pink sparkles would create different feeling even from shape and size.
During the summer season, sparkles are most favor item by people.

In Cool Nail there are so many different types of spangles to choose from so take a look over 1,000 art nails and choose or have some chat with the nail artisan to achieve your perfect style.

In the picture, there are blue, pink, and mint on top of the blue gel nail, it shines off really nicely.

This is another style of using different type of spangles and the feeling is totally different right?
So according to the size, shape and color could really alter the mood of the nails.

Professional nail care system with great technique doing SOAK at Cool Nail.

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There are over 1,000 different nail arts and nail polishes.
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