Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Makeup base - Zenis Well: Moist Shine base #10 Jewelry Pink

I would like to recommend a makeup base.

This grabs my attention these days~ Zenis well
The brand peruses natural ingredients so my attention goes to it.
The name of this product is Moist Shine base #10 Jewelry Pink.

I like fancy makeup, so like to use glitter base or do glossy makeup.
My friends tried the sample and bought me this makeup base.
So I was really full of enjoyment~!

To make you understand I will compare to my beloved it Mac strobe.
For the people who tried using the strobe will know that it doesn’t work as base giving no coverage and revision.
However the smell is very good.
The smell of the cosmetics these days are strong so I don't think many people would feel uncomfortable using it.
In strobe cream states that there is also moisture.
Also for this product it is very moisturizing~~

This applies really well and smoothly on the face.
It gives light to the face.

There is another reason why I am recommending this product.
For the people who don’t feel that strobe cream has enough glitters and people who depends on High Beam, would be easier to just use this one.
This is more fancy than Mac strobe so I was really into this.
I am finished with the Mac strobe and I was going to buy another until I met this product~… So I stop using it because of this~~

When you use shine base well, it can presents the face really smooth surface~
It gives the light and makes it look flawless.
Whoever doesn’t get so white should try this out to make it look whiter
Also! For people who have dark skin should carefully control the amount so it don’t look awkward.

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