Monday, October 29, 2012

How to use High lighter and Shading (Ko Gen Do foundation, High Beam)

Koh Gen Do is Japanese cosmetic brand that might be unfamiliar but release on 2007.
This cosmetic seems to be sensitive and technique in some way.

These products are known to be use by Japanese celebrities.
Koh Gen Do Moisture foundation really gives great coverage.
(Comparing to the foundation that I used it before on the same amount that I used)
Koh Gen Do makeup base is matt over all so not recommend to dry skin type.
Some people said that give more attention to the moisture cream when using this item.
However I don't think it’s worth that much care to use this product for dry skin type.
I really recommend to combination or oily skin type.
The matt formula is good but it doesn’t feel heavy even though you applied a foundation all over the face.

Mixing the Koh Gen Do foundation with other product is fun.
The color aren’t that diverse (#01 light ivory, 02 natural, 03 ogle)
The professional artist mixes this foundation with other foundation to give the best skin color.
For me I mix number 1 and 2 to achieve the skin color that I like.
Also using number 2 all over the face and apply number 1 only on the highlight areas make the face in define shape.

#3 is the point! The secret of making dimensional face on the television is hidden here~
Adding #3 into regular foundation that you are using could achieve the effect.
Spreading evenly along the chin line minimizes the face size.
Recommended to all shades of skin color because isn't for applying all over the face.
It’s in low value of brown color without reddish color so perfect to do shading.
If you want to want to just use one color, #2 is natural color of Korean foundation color normally #21.
However it’s hard to match the shade of the face.
So instead of purchasing 25g, purchase two different colors in 10g so can mix with each other and in price wise it’s better.

To demonstrate easily, I brought Barbie.
The white part is where you place highlighter and brown part is where you do shading.
The picture doesn’t look perfect but when you follow you could achieve great define face shape.
Like Barbie, put a shade on the side of the nose and along the chin. (Ko Gen Do product)
In my picture you could see that bridge of the nose, area of the mouth, and around the eyes, it got brighter (High beam)
Also I didn’t do the shading on the sides of my cheekbone but finish with Shu Uemura blush.

You might want to have defined face shape and small face but sometimes, makeup might look too thick.
Even though you did light makeup, mistaking the shading makes the makeup looking too thick.
So the demonstration neglects the part where you don't really have to do the shading to look lighter.

I ready did a review on High Beam
Place it on the highlight part like a dot and spread it with your hand.
Even out with the foundation not leaving the line distinctly.

       The most important before doing highlighter and shading, is the moisturizing skin.
Going for expensive foundation is not the key but removing the keratins and taking care of your skin is the solution to have flawless skin.

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