Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Red spangle gel pedicure, red gel polish, summer square spangle, French style, Cool Nail

Red silver spangle gel pedicure

Silver stone spangle is very popular during summer time.
It really helps to look chic and shines very nicely.
Placing on top of red makes the red color bright and clear.

Some people might feel uncomfortable to paint black or red color.
However when you apply it, it makes your feel look whiter and very neat.
It grabs the attention and really gives bright feeling.
If you don't feel comfortable applying black or red polish start with a gradation or French style so you gets use to it and later on applying full color.

Square spangle gives more edgy style than circular spangles.
The shape of the square is not exactly same so it makes it less stiff even though its arranged in straight lines.
Also on how you arrange the space changes the mood of the nail art.

Using silver spangles having the base color tone down would be much better.

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