Thursday, November 15, 2012

Recommend products removing keratins: Banila Co., Clinique, Amore Pacific (enzyme powder), Innisfree, Kiehl's, Bobbi Brown, Origins, Beautiful Soap Organic Sponge

Today I will talk about different types of product used for removing keratins.
Normally use grain type or cream type products but now there are some products you apply before you go to sleep.

Banila Co. It Fresh Micro Scrub
The smell is like grape fruit, which isn’t really guessable by looking at the case only.
Grape fruit is one my favorite fruit and I really like the smell!

From the instruction it said to used 2~3 times a week however that might stimulate the skin.
This is more like home peeling than a scrub.

After using this you feel very fresh and this is good for people who experience some small blotches.
Does it work for thick or rough pimple skin in removing the keratins?
This has similar stimulation like R.N.D. Lab Dermablation.
So it lacks on taking care of thick keratins.

There is a spatula but it’s uncomfortable to use.
The case should be change into a tube type.

Clinique Turn around Concentrate Visible Skin renewal
The product is very effective.
However when you use it everyday, you can’t feel it.
You can see the dry skin becoming better.
After the skin became normal there is no effect anymore.
It takes care of the keratins and even the moisture. Wow~~
This moisturizer is for combination skin type and even can be use for middle oily and oily type skin.
So it’s perfect to use for summer days.
When it’s summer time I look for this product.
It’s comfortable because it takes care of the keratins and moisturizes at the same time.
This is only for people who are consider having good skin.
People who have thick layer skin and have to take care of keratins all the time, this won't work.

This product can’t renew the skin.
It might help little bit.
Helps in a way when the skin is slowing down on renewing it removes the keratins so speeds up the process little bit.
This is how other keratin removal works.
‘I don't buying this product for renewing the skin.’

Esteer lauder product gives silky finish is the characteristic of the product however, if it really works on the skin, I will be very happy.
But it’s just a feeling on the fingers making it feel like silky so you can just neglect the feeling.
Compare to the price, the container looks really inexpensive.
So in using and looking wise, it’s poor and very uncomfortable to give as a present.

Clinique Total Turn Around Visual Skin Renewal
This isn’t different from the last product that I talked about above.
However the feeling after using it, cream type is better.
When I applied this and saw it on the morning, my skin feel as if I went to the dermatology.
However when I used it one more week, there wasn’t any effect.
If you have a product that you are using, now, don’t have to purchase this one.
I used it alternating every week.
So I didn’t get tired of using this and could use it all the way.
Don’t expect to have dramatic effect on removing the keratins.
This is more useful for people who have regular skin, which they don’t have to use it every day.
For middle and oily skin type would be satisfy with this without using the moisture cream.
It’s light and smooth to wear.
However when you need moisturizing, than apply after using this product

Looking at your skin by the mirror after using this looks glossy and smooth but don’t get lure by the effect.
There are many products in skin care that adds ‘Mica’ inside to give optical illusion.

Thinking about Clinique Turn Around essence type or cream type as a moisture cream or essence using it together with another product of removing keratins might stimulate the skin later on.
So prudence on using the products

Enzyme cleanser? Enzyme powder?
There are maniacs on using enzyme cares.
Even for me I am into enzymes cosmetics that I am becoming one of the maniacs.
I am into enzyme powder in removing the keratins.

It removes the keratins by protein-disjointed enzymes.
There is less stimulation than using the some grains rubbing the skin.
It also clearly washes the face.
Compare to using other product after, there is less pulling effect.
This is useful for all type of skin however better to use it sensitive or dry type skin or feeling the stimulation and even good for people who have pimples.
Removing the keratins is not that perfect but removes it by bubbles so less stimulation than other products.

I don’t really recommend to oily type skin people who have thick layer of keratins and doesn’t recycle oil constantly.
So comparing to other keratin products it lack on removing them so when you use it every day, you might not feel it.
So it’s use for very sensitive skin and they could also use it every day according to their condition of the skin.

The company says that you could use it everyday because there isn’t any stimulation at all.
This is suitable for people who have lots of keratins.
If you use everyday, it’s more stimulating than powder type of cleansing foam.
It might be really soft but at least it takes care of the keratins so be careful.
It’s right to use it 2~3 times a week according to the skin type.
Also if it doesn’t work than find another product that goes well with the skin without having to use it everyday to see the effect.

Amore Pacific Enzyme Pearl
Also when you read the instruction for this product it said to be used during morning and afternoon.
When the powder meets the water it creates bubbles.
It’s like regular cleansing foam.
There are no grains and the instruction isn’t different from using cleansing foam.
So seeing and feeling that it’s soft, beware to control the amount you use per week.

I like this because of the smell…
I like the scent so much that makes me want to use it all the time.
The texture is really soft and the skin becomes smooth after using it.
However to be careful I control amount of time that I use.

You can feel that your skin is becoming pure but can’t expect too much of difference.
I don't recommend to people who have thick skin or lot of oil.
It’s more for normal skin type.
However for people who have pimples, they should use it more often per week.
Aside from this texture it’s pleasant to use liquid type but have to think about the stimulation that give to the skin.
So think carefully and pick the item that works for your skin.

Also when I slanted the bottles it provides only small amount of powder that is enough for the usage.
This delicate part of the design which I really like catches the sophisticated women.
So among all the product that I used from Amore Pacific I like this product the best and worth the money.

Innisfree Green Tea Pure Powder
I knew this after I used Enzyme Peel
This is said to be acknowledge in capsule
But I don't know that was and not sure if any enzyme is in it.
It was hard to burst and thought as a plastic substance.
I didn’t feel any stimulation but smell like a fish and the substance didn’t absorb easily.
It was different compare to other enzyme powder.
I would understand if it worked on the keratins but didn’t.

The price is 1,000won for 1.3g

Amore Pacific enzyme peel cost 60,000won for 70g.
So for 1.0g it’s around 900won.
This isn’t considered to be inexpensive cosmetic.
When you compare to other expensive brand, the price could be much higher.

I never put powder cleansing in the shower.
There are too much moisture that clusters the powder.

For the people are sensitive even for enzyme powder, try to use milk powder.
Don't expect to have an effect on removing the keratins it’s only good for dry and sensitive skin to use.
There are some people who use milk on the facial cotton on caring the keratins.
However that’s too uncomfortable so it’s better to use milk powder on the water and more effective and comfortable

The instruction is very easy
After washing the face in lukewarm water pour some milk powder and pat it lightly to your face when it melts on the water.
Don’t place too much water, because you will need that much milk powder.
After washing you face two or more times than it’s finish!
It will take care of the keratins without stimulation and provide moisturize after.
Also don't leave the milk powder on the shower.

Kiehl’s Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub

There are some fruit grains inside that aren’t that big compare to other products.
Rub it softly against the face around 3 to 5 minutes or leave it as it is.
However when you use it, you would like to rub it against your face.

The finish texture is great.
There is some oil in it that might feel glossy however when you wash it clearly, the skin texture becomes really smooth.

First of all the texture is very creamy.
Recommend to people who have blotches on their chest or back.
When you want to take care of the keratins, wash the neck, check and back with it.

The substance isn’t that large so can use it around the blotches without any stimulation.

Spread around the chest and in the back evenly so you could massage it softly.

Many people think that Kiehl’s products are less stimulating,
Kiehl’s doesn’t use 100% organic ingredients.
I don't know why people are saying that kind of information.
There isn’t any proof because organic ingredient was used?
However when you put a lot of organic ingredients and mix well with chemicals won’t make it natural cosmetic.

This scrub is really pure.
I am not saying that it’s Kiehl’s is a soft brand, however compare to other cosmetic its soft.

Kiehls’ Overnight Biological Peel
Kiehl’s proudly presenting night recovering treatment product
During the nighttime, it might recover the cells on the skin but it just takes care of keratins.
By removing the keratins, it helps the skin to recover.

Regular liquid type contains AHA or BHA however this contains Urea that breaks down the keratins and moisturizes the face.
This is also good for dry type skin to use.

This is watery so application is great.
It’s like applying essence but after several hours, I feel the stickiness.
Also I don’t like the feeling on the finger after applying, it doesn’t settle down.
How about removing the keratins?
Not so good.
There is some effect but sometimes I don’t feel the effect when I wake up on the morning and stresses me out..
I thought it would settle down the rough texture of the skin but doesn't.
So I am using it for my elbows and for back of my feet.

You don't really have to apply moisture because it’s enough by itself.
Also instead of using it every day, consider the skin type and use it.

Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face
Old style of using grains in removing keratins
It’s made out of bean powder, plastic grains and other more.

You can use it along but mixing with the foam cleansing uses it.
There are more comfortable ones and mild ones so I don’t know why I used to use this.
However the effect is better than Kiehls’ Overnight Biological Peel
You can feel the smoothness after using it.
Also my friends who have oily or thick skin like to use this because of the finish effect.
However for me I felt it was too rough so used I use it on my body for the rest of the amount left.
I don’t think it’s worth that money to purchase it.

Origins Modern Friction
Once this was the best mild scrub item however these days there are so many so maybe not…

This product contains rice concentration so the scent is little bit stimulating.
However I like the smell so much.
However the problem is that, I bought it because it said to be very soft bit when it got into my eyes, it sting so bad.
Also around the mouth was stingy.

The case is very out of date.
It’s difficult to scoop and apply, water might go inside.
Also there were 50ml sample sold in three sets.
It would be better to make out of tube style.

Beautiful Soap Organic Sponge

You can use this after cleansing oil or foam cleansing wanting to have deep cleansing.
I use this every day and I don't need to have special product for removing keratins.
If you have severe keratins problem it would be better to use however for normal skin type you can take care of the keratins using this organic sponge.

This was an essential item among the beauty people.
The products above, lacks on taking care of the blackheads but comparing to this sponge is much better.
When you use enzyme powder every day, it might be stimulating so it’s better to use organic sponge.
When you use it around the nose in concentration it’s finished.

Not to rough or pressing too much.
You have to rub it softly so it removes the blackheads.
Don’t really expect of taking care of the whiteheads inside the pores.
When you want to check the effect take a picture before and after.

After using the sponge, dry them so you can use it cleanly the next day.
When you squeeze out the water it dries really fast.
Also it’s better to put it out under the sun for disinfection.

In Beauty Soap there is body one and two different size for the face.
I bought the smaller size for around my nose however it’s better to buy the large one comparing the price.
You can cut into pieces you want to use.

When you are taking care of the keratins look out for the skin type.

Every day doing deep cleansing?
When you add some more products to do deep cleansing like scrub or foam cleansing that has particular scrub would not go all the way inside the skin and remove the waste matter inside the pores.
It stimulates the surface of the skin only.
So for the sensitive type skin is a poison.
Even if you have dry or middle skin if you use many times or with other products like whitening and keratins removing product might be too much and after times passes, it might stimulate the face.
So be careful!


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