Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Recommended inexpensive nail polishes: Skin food nail polish, OPI, Milk Creamy Nail

Even though you don't use expensive brand of nail polish when there same quality of lower price of nail polish isn’t it the same nail color?

I really love OPI nail polishes.
There are varieties of colors and releases new colors that I can’t find in other brands.
Also I like Chanel nail polishes.
However the quality of the brush isn’t that great as well as for OPI.
So I had to practice with the brush of the Chanel and now I am comfortable of using it.
There are some really pretty colors released by Chanel not like OPI polishes which I want to buy all of them.
It’s like limited edition colors that I can’t find in other brands.

Today I want to talk about inexpensive nail polishes that costs’ only 1/10 of Chanel nail polish.
The popular brands of nail polishes are:
Missha, The Face Shop, Etude House, and Skin Food.
So among those brands even though it’s cheap, aren’t there better polishes to use?
It doesn’t matter when you look only for color and the style you want but also have to mind about the quality.

I when to the nail shop I ask which brand of nails polish is better.
They don’t recommend buying Missha and The Face Shop because it peels of easily and makes it yellow and other more…

So Tonight I when to Skin food

Pedicure 01 spangle gold
My friend had put this color on her 10 fingers and it was so attractive!
So I asked where you bought the color and she said this was from Skin food use for toenails officially but put it on her hands.
The price is doubled compare to other nail polish in Skin Food due to great intensity when you apply only once.
It said to be use for toenails but it doesn’t matter where you apply it.
There were more colors but this color was more pretty and luxury.

Nail vita RE106 black cherry was really my style.

In inexpensive nail polish there aren’t so much pretty colors.
However this one!
It was dark wine color found in OPI or Chanel.
I didn’t expect to find it in a much cheaper price.

I applied this color twice and the spangle gold is much better in real life than the picture it came out.  
The color of the gold came out mush brighter than actual.
It’s darker and has more strong gold color.
Also it gives different feeling when you applied in all the ten fingers.
For black cherry shows great luster because the picture was taken right after I apply but as the time goes by it calms down and turns darker.
People who like black color would love this color too.
Also the price is half a price compare to the gold spangle.

Skin Food Milk Creamy nail~
I used to enjoy applying this color during summer time.
This is mixed with like white milk color with one tone of color having variety of colors.
There are some more colors than shown in the picture.

The price is 2,500won but only 8ml compare to other skin food products it’s the half a size.
Also OPI nail color is 15ml and you can purchase it by 7,000won so no worries in price.

The most important thing is not the selection of the brand but to remove the nail polish quickly.
I always left the nail polish on my nails like more than a week.
After one week all the good chemicals are gone and only the bad chemicals stays, which makes the nails dry and loose the color of the nails making it to crack easily.

In my experience I had a pedicure done in the shop and I have left until one month and my toenails have turned yellow.
Even though I applied base code, it didn’t work.
So I have to wait for the toe nails to grow and remove the yellow color.
People who have habits of leaving their nails for a month or so lets fix the habit!.

Well-applied manicure protects your nails and shines off your nails but leaving it for too long time weakness your nails.
When you are applying nail polish it’s good to erase it after 5 days.

I have purchased some OPI products in the store for 50,000won but in the Internet the price only goes up to 20,0000won. Even some of them cost 10000won to 6~7000wons. What is the difference between the pricing of these nail polishes?

Those products are mostly old but not yet expired so when you open it and use it for several times the products quickly dries.
Do not be foolish by a special price for OPI polishes.


  1. Great post! I will remember all those things that you said here. I want to try the spangle gold looks elegant and classy.

  2. Thank you for reading!
    Hope the information helped you~ The spangle gold is perfect to wear during this cold season!