Thursday, November 8, 2012

Recommended inexpensive eye mover- Etude House Mascara remover

Natural price!

Etude House Mascara remover

This remover has a great performance for a very cheap price compare to Bobbi Brown, Chanel and etc.
If you compare only by the price Missha product is much cheaper but cleansing effect is little bit suspicious.
This product removes the entire strong waterproof item.
On the other hand the products that suppose to be removing easily doesn’t.
Also from the stimulation that I felt from the first usage unfortunately I use this for cleaning my house.

In terms of Etude eye remover there are to two types.
Lip and eye remover is in blue container and mascara remover is in pink.
Both of these products have a high quality in replica of imported products like Bobbi Brown remover.
Also shake it as like other expensive eye remover.
Same feel after removing your makeup, the left over oil in the end of the hands and eyes.
Kiss me mascara also erases softly as makes me forget that I have applied the kiss me mascara.
I also used Missha remover but stimulates my eyes so I didn’t use from then on.
However this is all about the pink container not the blue one.

The Cham zone cleansing tissue that I did a review on, when you purchase with this eye remover, it cost less than 10,000won.

The most important thing to remember is that if you don’t feel any stimulation it’s not always saying that it’s not stimulating product.
As the makeup gets develop as well as makeup remover.
The more intense makeup you apply the remover gets stronger.

Among the waterproof mascara remover, it can erase mighty glue as well.
I tried it if it will work on my hand and it did as I rub it 5 times…
I got surprised and felt how strong is the makeup remover.

As I study more about makeup at the end my face will turn back to wearing no makeup.
When I need to wear makeup I put small amount as possible and keeps my skin just healthy.

Exceptional to party only for normal days I’ll try to put minimum amount of makeup.  

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