Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Two tone french gel nail, gray glitter gel polish, ribbon pat, french nail, Cool Nail

Two tone French gel nail

For people who have trouble with their big body nail and want to have short looking nails this is the perfect gel nail.

This costumer always did French gel nail since her nail body is large and applying in full color might look bigger.
So during summer she always did French nail so she tried variety of French gel nail.

However autumn and winter is coming so she tried two-tone French gel nail to have more of color to her nails.

Normally she likes a gray tone color as consideration of the weather we have recommended a dark gray. So overall dark gray color was used but to deal with daily temperature sliver glitter of French line was added.
This made her nails look fancy and chic at the same time.

This sliver gel color is in stock, and it's not a glitter but gel polish.
This gives the effect of putting a glitter.
If we apply a glitter and apply a clear gel it gives thickness but gel glitter doesn’t’
This new product of gel color gives the effect of glitter at the same time and applies thinly compare to regular glitters.

This new product is not a glitter that is made out of different shades glitters.
This gives sophisticated look.
For our Cool nail costumers we have early stocked with new gel color to go great for autumn and winter season.

The position of the deco pat is bringing out the effect so it’s good to place in the right hand in index finger.
The reason for applying a deco a pat is to give a point and to show off to others.

Super ribbon deco pat are 1.5 bigger than other deco pads. 
It's fancy grabbing the attention.
This costumer has a large body nail so it may look small but to normal size of body nail it looks bigger.
For wanting to have famine look put a smaller size, which emphasizes cuteness.

Also be extra careful not to fall off since it’s a decoration, which is easy to get stuck of or get hit. 

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