Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pink and Black two tone gel nail, gel polish, ribbon pats, two tone french nail, Cool Nail

Lovely feminine chic gel nail

Right two-tone nail to do for this kind of weather which cold winds are blowing on the season transferring to autumn
The pink and black colors go well together as if black color is giving some weight and hot pink color balance out the heaviness.

In two-tone French gel nail, it is better to choose a color that contrast with each other.
It gives more chic feeling.
If black and white gives modern style than black and hot pink give feminine and chic style.
If light purple and navy color meets it will give coldness, feminine, and chic style at the same time.
The color goes well with any color skin type.

The ribbon decoration is a point to this nail.
It really helps to be more feminine.
Not only paying attention to the colors but the accessories you would apply.
Ribbon is one of the accessories that really help to be girly.
 Placing the black ribbon goes well with the overall nail theme instead of having some bling bling accessories, it will distribute all the point and making it not unified.

In the picture the pink color is upon black and for the index finger it's the opposite.
This small detailing is different from other gel nail arts.

I really recommend this to people who have long nails.

As it is two-tone French nail, if could make your nails look much short.
Also people who want unique style should try this out.
It will look better on longer nails than short.

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