Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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Mirror Ball Spangle Gel nail art

Not like other spangle gel nails, we used three different colors of spangles.
The importance in doing this nail art is matching the colors.
Mixed with bright and some tone down colors when well with each other.
It really helps to be fancy and bright.

Spangle was applied one by one filing all the space.

It seems like a mirror ball as if it will shine off bright lights.
So going with this fancy spangles simple colors well go with it.
Black color will give stylish feeling.

However Cool Nail customer wanted to paint with white and pink color.
Painting the rest of the fingers with white polish would be too much so doing gradation or French is much better.
Or painting with several colors only works great like the picture.

She also wanted some stones added to her nails so putting only on the corners would give great another point to this gel nail.
Over than that it would be too much.
When you place stones, you have to be more careful in using your hands because it will fall off easily even though topcoat was applied.

She came back and wanted to change her nails, as the weather was getting colder.
Painting the nails with black color makes it very neat and she was more satisfy with this nail.
It will be great to have it for autumn season.

Spangle gel nail art is hard to do the revision so if you want to change other nail colors come in one week earlier to switch the colors.
Also if you like chic style than its better to go with black color form the first place.
It will go nicely with the fancy mirror ball spangle nail art.

Black color makes the hands look whiter and very clean.
Also the dark color contradicts with the shiny spangles so emphasizes the point.
The two different mood matches each other creating a fancy look.

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