Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Recommended blush, Shu Uemura Glow On

I won’t forget to use a blush unless I have my makeup on.
I don't really like Shu Uemura products because the case is too weak.
M PINK 32E was given as a present to me and I didn’t know that Glow on #28 was launched.

The color is little bit different from Benefit Dandelion which is perfect strawberry milk color.
There were 28 other more colors.

There were so many colors that I wanted.
The intensity of color in Dandelion is better.
However it will be different from other colors in Glow on.
The color is very light to use and helps the face to look healthier.
There are P and M type.
P is glitters and M is matte.
If people aren’t comfortable doing makeup it’s better to use M so it shines naturally.
Even though glitters are pretty too.

If you want lovely pink blush recommend M PINK 33E.
This color is original pink so goes well with any people and easy to apply who are beginners in makeup.
M PINK 32E is recommend to people who are going crazy for strawberry milk color.

All people have different intensity of color when they where it.
For me I use a Mac strobe and on top Bobbi Brown Oil Free Even Finish (warm ivory) and on the cheeks M PINK 33E.

Recommend to Girls who likes to do Smoky makeup.
Shu Uemura Glow on M PINK 31A
Some people ask me to recommend a brush that goes well with smoky makeup or for darker shade of skin.
I couldn’t fine a blush that would perfectly go with the makeup.
When I looked around Shu Uemura, I found a blush “31A” which was a Indian pink.
It was little bit pale than pink.
Applying on the darker shade of skin turn out to be more chic and healthier.
I bought it to use with a smoky makeup.
I didn’t go well with orange peach color blush so I was looking for an indian pink and I found a perfect one!
Recommend to people who like to do dark eye makeup.
The blush color is pale so emphasizes the eye makeup.

The case so weak, that the connecter has broke and there are many scratches on the cover…
So sad…

People who don’t use pink color blush than should go for M PEACH 44.
age from 20~25: Benefit Georgia
age from 26 ~ more: Shu Uemura Glow on M PEACH 44.

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