Monday, September 10, 2012

Sky blue french gel nail, pats, cute accessory, Summer nail, Cool Nail

This is summer gel nail, which is sky blue French gel nail.
Many Cool Nail customers like to do gel nail because of the persistency.
They don't’ have to worry about their nails chipping and enjoy their fun vacation.
Gel nails can stay up to 2 ~ 3 weeks.
Also it is very strong on water.
If you like to wear accessories you should have your nails simple like in the picture so the focus isn’t everywhere.

If you like some point to your nail attach some cute accessories.
Customers like to have gel nail accessories instead of wearing rings and bracelets.
The decorations stay as it is with same persistence like the gel colors.

Instead of the cat pats you could place ribbon or others.
If you want just simple style you can leave it as it is.
Also instead of gel nail art only there are regular polishes.

These days the trend is to do deep French nail.
When you have short nails and do deep French nail looks cute and if you don't like you can also do the line very thin.

Professional nail care system with great technique in doing the SOAK in Cool Nail.

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