Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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The base coat could be like any simple color but the unique and pretty design comes from the details. It can look really elegant and glamorous at the same time.

If you want to have black pedicure during summer?!

I really like black color which it gives chic and clear image.
The black color makes your skin look paler so it’s good for people.
Some feet have uneven skin tone because of the sun or just be dark.
However when you apply black color it can organize the skin tone.

There was one customer who didn’t try black color for her whole life.
Her skin was pale as before but when she got back from vacation she got tan.
It looks still pale but before it was much more paler.
So she asked us what color makes your skin look whiter.
I recommended her a black color and at first she didn’t like the color that much.
However I was explaining to her that pedicure should use vivid colors that catch the attention.
So she tried the color and became her favorite color.

The hottest item for summer is ‘Spangle’

The blue spangles, matches the black color really well.
There is diversity of spangles to choose in Cool Nail.

When blue spangle meets the white color it becomes cool and when it meets black color it’s sexy.
For this nail design, used only blue and same size spangles.

It is like a fishing slightly showing on the deep ocean.
Especially the gel color shines really nicely.

Also the spangles give off light in all kinds of direction so it looks great under the sunlight.

Especially when you are going to vacation where there is sea you should definitely have spangles on. The color shines off perfectly under the ocean water~.
Also it goes so well with any bikinis.

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