Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SK2 facial treatment essence

I can also have clear skin like Lim Soo Jeong ?? (one of the famous Korean actress which she featured in very popular drama “I am sorry. I love you.” She is loved by many people and because she have so flawless skin she is a model for SKII until today)?~~

SK2 facial treatment essence
This is liquid form and you can use this by facial cotton or just apply with your hand.
The smell is really strong but when you get use to it you might be addicted.
At least for me I was.

You can also use it as a mist.
Have it on the spray container.
There isn’t any stickiness and absorbs very lightly.
For the people who have some blotches or oily skin type will be the best essence to use.

You can feel the effect even in a day or after 2 weeks.
You might also feel the softness and evening out the skin tone.
Also you can see that overall skin is organized.
It is just like the statement on the product and its worth a price.

Doubt 1
Does it really make it soft from the inside?
I can’t really feel it from the outside.
When I was oily type skin before when I used this, it made my skin organize and felt moisturized.
However today I got middle skin type and when I use this I still feel dry so I have to apply other cream.
So when the dry skin type want to use this, apply other cream with this~

Doubt 2
Does it calm down the pimples or stimulates the pimples?
One of my elder sisters recommends me to use this.
She had seen the effect from using this.
Her pimples calm down and got much better skin than before.
So from that on I tried it.
The pimples didn’t go in but calms them down.
However I was in early 20’s when I got recommended.
My friends said they got worst by using this.
So they became anti fan towards SKII.
However for me my skin it was fine.

Doubt 3
The skin becomes transparent and takes away the keratins?
You have to remove the keratins with formula like pilling or some chemical substance.
However when you try this at least you can see that it clears out the texture of the skin.

The effect is just extreme
There some people who says that Clinique is good or bad.
Even for SK2 you can’t really deny the effects that have on people.

I used SK2 since 2004 and when I see people around me they want to become like Lim Soo Jeong’s skin there are about 3 different groups.

-       people who saw the effect from rough skin to soft and smooth skin A team
-       People who turned out from baby’s skin to having blotches on their face B team
-       Felt nothing C team

First of all A team introduce this product very strongly to friends around the,.
When they try this they would put all the money into it to see the effect.
If they bought 75ml first time they regret of why not getting the 150ml.
Also they would always purchase before they finish it.
They feel uncomfortable when they can’t use this right away.

In B Team they would build a wall with SK2.
They would find people around them and tell the story of how it effect them negatively.

For the C team, they would say that effect would be seen tomorrow so they keep trying it.
They can’t wait at least for a month and brings the product to the second hand site.

My younger sister uses almost all the products from SK2. She feels that she is having the effect from it.
She says that if she use other cosmetics she feels that it won’t be good as this showing some addictiveness on Sk2 products.

Also for me I felt what she felt.
When I stop using this I felt that my skin become dull and dry.
However when I use other product for 2 months it became normal again.
So I was little surprise.
First of all when you start using SK2 products you can’t use other product.
You will eventually go back to it.

When you are purchasing this don't hope to get Lim Soo Jeong’s skin.
Maybe you can see the effect little bit by getting clear and organizing your skin.
That's the maximum level you could get.
From beyond that you need to go to dermatology.

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