Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vintage nail arts, gel polish, Cool Nail

Vintage nail art

You can make your nails vintage.
It isn’t too funky but can show the style clearly.

Placing white spray type of polish on top of black manicure makes it unique.
Tried to do with grey color but the colors comes out better with white color on top of black.
Also adding white star gives point to the look. If you want to show the chic black color draw one star only.

If you want some fun try to use other colors for the base.
The colors should be bright to give clear look.

The vintage nail art in the picture shows that one hand was colored with all black and other was colorfully colored.
Choose any colors that you like and try to achieve this vintage look~

Vintage nail can be also done with gel polishes.
If you want to have longer vintage nails try them with gel polishes

Professional nail care system with great technique doing the SOAK in Cool Nail.

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