Tuesday, September 25, 2012

LIght purple with spangles, gel nail, deep french gel nail, blue/pink color spangles, gel polish, Cool Nail

I really want to try out this gel nail~~~
She is one of our customers who often come to do her nails.
She really liked how the picture came out so she asked us to give these pictures.

She thinks that her hand isn’t that nice but proud with her nails. She came to Cool Nail because of going to the swimming pool~

Having the light purple, as a base making it feminine and giving the point with spengles isn’t too fancy but just right.
This nail was all done with gel polish as she was going to the swimming pool~.

Light purple goes well with people who have less reddish color on their hand~
Also goes with tan skin or pale skin.
For the people who have some reddish color on their hands, a white color goes well~

She done deep French nail, she had long body of nail so having the thick gel polish helps to do the revision much easily.
So you have to start from cutting your nails so it the nails doesn’t look too long if it grows.
The application depends on the body of the nails.

Usually point with spangles finishes with 2 lines but with deep French nail 3 lines of spangles are needed.

As you can see the colors of the spangles alternate
It is a small detail of this nail.
The thumbnail is more of blue color and for the fourth finger is more of pink color.

You have to be careful with the space between the spangles. Making the space so tight might look frustrating.

This gel nail style is recommend to people who are going to the swimming pool or vacation.

Professional nail care system with great technique doing SOAK in Cool Nail.

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