Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shu Uemura hard formula eyebrow pencil recommended!

I can really sharpen pencils well.
When I look at the pencils that are sharpen neatly and sharp I feel very clean and same feeling as looking at manicure nails.

I have several sharpeners but I don’t really use them
Instead of having a round like shape of pencils I like to see the sharp edge of the pencils that leaves the mark of a cutter.
Sharpening a pencil is my pride~!.

Ever since when I was young, I went to art academy.
From there I asked people around me to let me sharpen their pencils.
So I was sharpening all the pencils in our class.
During the sharpening, I think about my day and it organizes my thoughts.

So moving on to Shu Uemura’s eye brow pencil,
This pencil is used in every famous salon in Chung Dam dong (the central part of Korea for beauty businesses).
This lasts long and goes well with Asians hair color.
However nowadays you can find similar color for a half of price of Shu Uemura’s hard formula pencil.
However the real difference is in the texture which the led is very hard.
You can also use shadow or cake type eyebrow kits however when you want to sharpen the edges there is no other product better than this.

Shu Uemura pencil has hard formula so it is possible to sharpen like this but for other pencils you can’t sharpen like this.

The end has to be sharp like a short sword so it could draw clear line.
Also when you are filling in the eyebrow space it is like drawing the eyebrow hair one at a time.
Also it can draw your eyebrows really naturally.
Normally use grey or black.
This makes the over all look softer.
There is variety of colors so choose the color that goes with you.
It cost 2,4000won and it's a hard type so doesn’t really shrink that much.
When you try it, you can’t seem to be its expensive.

The shape has to be like a short sword.
It isn’t easy to sharpen due to hard led.
So just go to the ShuUemura and ask them to sharpen.
They will always do it until you finish it.

If you don’t have many eyebrow hairs than instead of going for the pencil,
purchase shadow or cake type eye brow (Clio –Korean makeup brand, or MAC) which is easy to draw and can look natural.
When you are drawing with a pencil, instead of going for the shape of the eyebrow, try to fill in the space of the hair to look natural and to finish it perfectly.

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