Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Recommend Oil blotting paper, Clinique and DHC

Every day we do a war with oils.
Lets find a smart oil control paper that takes away the oil but leaves the moisture.
Even though you don’t have much oil on your face, it is must have item inside your pouch.
Nowadays there are so many different forms of oil blotting paper.
I don't know which one to buy.

Actually I don't really use oil blotting paper.
There are several reasons.

1.     It produces more oils.
I don't know the perfect reason but it stimulates the oils on the pores.
According to the experiment.
2.    The size of the pores increases.
3.    Most important part is taking away the moisture
It makes your face dry. I was once very oily skin type but became middle skin type so I dam worried if I my skin becomes too dry.

First of all if people have severe oil problems use oil blotting paper. On the other hand try to use facial tissue.
This is better for the skin.
It doesn’t takes away the moisture like the oil control paper.
If you are using the oil blotting paper than use a good one~

Than what should I use??
Use types that give balance to the skin, which is paper type.
There are many products made out of bamboo or linen material.

No.1 Clinique for minimizer oil blunting seat.
The feature of Clinique oil control paper is that after its usage the skins don’t become dry when you fix your makeup.
So this means it left the moisture behind
The absorption is fine but you have to fix your makeup after because it sticks onto the paper.

NO.2 DHC oil control paper
It is the best compare to its price.
It’s not paper but organic linen.
Also for this it absorbs the oil only.
Of course it doesn’t make your skin dry.
This product is better than Clinique in terms of not removing too much makeup.

So the conclusion of this review is that
For the people who have too much oil than recommended to use Cliniques’
For normal production of oil use DHC.

For the people who have oil in some spots I would like to recommend 'Doctor Feel Good'


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