Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bourjois Eaude Gloss

Bourjois Eaude Gloss
I don’t really use lipstick so I usually rely on lip-gloss.
So when this came out I was curious to try out so I ran to the department store and purchased one.

First of all to say the negative part, it lacks on persistence.
Than why did I buy two of this?
It was too~~ moisturizing.
The feeling is like great amount of saliva is on my lip.
So I think that I am addicted to this kind of feeling.

The intensity of color is just right not too much or little.
There is no stickiness so I really like it.
The applicator is in brush type so I can apply neatly.

The persistent is weak so you have to apply often to keep up the colors you applied the first time.

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