Friday, September 21, 2012

Home pilling - R.N.D. Lab

R.N.D. Lab Skin Resurfacing Microdermabrasion Cream
This is different with normal keratin or function of the scrub.
It is home pilling product.
It said to be making the skin bright and evens out the skin tone.
I didn’t really see the brightening because I am not dull.
I really experienced the removing of the keratins.
The soft feeling after doing the piling~~

I don't know but I had some blotches on my face.
When you look at the appearance it looked clean but when you touch it there are some rough texture like.
I thought it was keratins so I tried doing the scrub or facial mask however it didn't work.
When I use this for the first time the entire rough thing got away!!!
The fine kernels inside are really soft so it smoothly removes the keratins.
It is good to use twice a week.
For me I use only once a week.
I didn’t use for half a month but the skin is soft until now.
It is home piling so the price is kind of expensive but when you compare to how much you will use it’s worth money.
Right after the piling there isn’t too much dryness so I was little surprised.

So how about the worst enemy the BLACK HEAD?
It didn’t make the black heads go away as usual like any other black head cosmetics.
However it sure did to lighten up the black heads.
It shaped away the rough texture on the surface.
So just from one use it made the skin on the nose really soft.
Before getting all the good moisture cream or foundation lets clean the keratins and clear the surface of the face.

When you are using this, for the normal skin type once a week would be fine~
Also in the website it states to use after removing the water, however it might stimulating the skin so use with water.

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