Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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Very neat! and feminine~
This is a perfect style to look very neat and feminine.
There are some people who needs simple and neat nail color due to their job or for some other reasons.

For the hand models on the TV, they would usually wear very nude pink or nude color~
This color makes them to look neat with clear bear hands~

The women doctors and teachers would require this kind nail art style due to their job.
Also the nude pink makes the hands to look clean and tidy.
So applying only this color might look too boring so adding some thin lace on top is a point!

Having the white color lace on top of the pink nude tone appears to be very clean.

This nail will go with any occasion~

If it looks too simple adding some glitter on top will make it more fancy.
The picture in the hand shows more of yellowish color on the hand and this goes will with beige color.
I can't really say the exact color because there are so many different values of colors.

Especially this nail art goes well with short nails.
So many musicians like to do this kind of style.

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