Monday, September 3, 2012

Lip stick- Bobbi Brown, 73 pale mauve, nude beige,tulip

There are many lipsticks that I want to recommend.
These are Bobbi Brown’s products.
Most of them are colored products.

When I found a lipstick that I like in the US magazines or from the movie I remember the color and ran to department store.
So I look for the lipstick all over the store and found a similar color in Bobbi Brown.

It is very simple but elegant to wear.
Singers or actresses in Korea often use Bobbi Brown cream lipstick.
The case might look boring and the price is too expensive.
However the colors are too nice to look at.

Among the colors I will show you guys three of them which they are perfect lipstick on my pouch.

Bobbi Brown lip color 73 pale mauve
It is similar to Mac angel color but gives more chic feeling.
After using this I finished two more of this.
When you look for the first glance it looks like pale pink color but when you wear it the color is very light maroon.
So this color looks little bit colder than pink so it is really chic.

Comparing to Mac angel, this one is more adult pink like.
I recommend to people who don’t go well with strawberry milk pink and it makes their lips out of face than they should try out this color.

Bobbi Brown lip color 61 nude beige
If you like nude color and go well with nude color than should try out this color.
It is hard to find a color that gives this kind of nude color.

Comparing to the Mac peach tok it is little bit darker.
This nude beige color gives more red and warm color.
So this lipstick can give really chic style.
Also according to the eye makeup it can change the style of the makeup.

When you have clean skin and can do the coverage makeup well than it will be hard to not to go with your overall look.
For the people who tried only pink and orange color should go for this color for a change.

I like to do smoky eye makeup but if you feel that Mac peach tok is too much than try this for easy durable makeup.

Bobbi Brown lip color 35 Tulip
This is a lipstick that I purchased in the States.
I used this very preciously.

The color came out realistic in the picture.
If you are tired of wearing same kind of lip color than it is nice to try out for this color.
The color is strong compare to others.
However when you wear its not too much it shapes the lip clearly.
You can use your finger and finish it with patting the lip lightly.
When you don't have the courage to wear it full lip than place it only in the middle and apply a lip gloss.
When you don't get the glam color of this lipstick than don't purchase it.

So looking at these three colors above try them on and test them if it goes well with you.
The color changes according to the camera and how bright it is.
Look at them in the department store and find a color that matches you well.

The only negative part about this lipstick is the persistence.
The intensity of color great but comparing to the persistence of Guelan and Gorgio Armani it makes my eyes tearing…
But I am not a lazy person so I can fix my makeup!!
That is how I much love these colors~

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