Monday, September 3, 2012

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During summer time, many people do pedicure.
They would like to wear open toe shoes and sandals so doing the pedicure help them to add style on their outfit.

Many people theses days do gel pedicure J

If the gel nail meets the toenails it is just the best!
There are diversity nail arts and mostly people likes the long lasting of the gel polishes.
Usually toenails grow slower than finger nails so people have their pedicure on about 2 ~ 3 weeks.
If your toenails grow slowly it could stay for about a month J

Especially gel pedicure is important during vacation.
It takes times for the toe nails to grow so you don't have to be erasing during your vacation trip.
Also there is no way for the gel pedicure to get destroy and most importantly it lasts long.
Thus you can keep the pretty gel nail art during your whole vacation trip.
There are many people who go over seas and honeymoon would have gel pedicure on.
They can enjoy their vacation without worry.

Pedicure was done using pink and mint gel polishes.
The pastel colors give cream type feeling
Also strong nail art can look soft because of the soft pastel color.
The other toenail color is pink and other one is color mint.
So it was unique and many people liked it.

People who doesn’t like too much of nail art would like to do this because its simple.
Also the size of the stars is different to stay away from boringness.

If you have dark and reddish skin for your feet than try to do dark base and draw the stars with pastel color.
It will look different and pretty at the same time.

Why do I think about bikini when I look at this gel pedicure?
This will go so well with star patten bikini.
So lets go to swimming with Cool Nail gel nail art on~

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  1. Very pretty! I really like your pedicure, pale pink and mint compliment each other and the stars are cute!
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