Thursday, September 13, 2012

Winkle Improvement cosmetic, anti-aging: Kiehl’sAbyssine Cream

Skin Aging
Not even oily skin type people can escape from this.

Kiehl’sAbyssine Cream
It is known to be used my Hollywood stars.
This contains abyssine and mineral that lessens the aging of the skins.

As you get old you want to something about wrinkles so you try to use products that is said to be anti aging.

When you look at the advertisements I feel that it anti-aging products would work but I am not sure of it.

I have middle skin type but I am sensitive to oils.
So I don't really buy cream products.
If it is too glossy I am over….

So when I hear about people who have oily type skin
they can’t wear any other products like nutrient cream or whitening cream.
They only use moisture cream due to over production of oils.
So they can’t wear any functional products maybe at lease to only essence.

So talking about this.
Kiehl’s Abyssine cream doesn’t have glossiness or stickiness.
When you apply on the face it smoothly spreads.
It applies lightly so recommended to oily and mix skin type.
This is said to be use for all type of skins but for the dry skin type people, they might feel too dry.
I have middle type skin and I felt it was too light and I had to put some other cream to give moisture.

The skin type of dry and middle type would be better to wear essence or other cream with this when you are using this for the purpose of wrinkles and prevention.
However aside from that other skin type would be fine to only use this.
So I am expecting that it will relive the wrinkles and leave elasticity in the skin.

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