Friday, September 7, 2012

Recommended lipstick - Guerlain kiss kiss macy shine lipstick

A pouch becoming luxurious from the inside
When you go to the department store trying to find a lipstick you can really try out all of them because your lip will be damaged.
So before going on to buy, I do research first.
I usually get some recommendation from the salon’s employer or from my friends.
So from the list I looked at the center.

Guerlain kiss kiss macy shine lipstick.
The case is very luxury.
The employer at the salon recommended me #666 but when I tried some of other lipsticks…
I end up purchasing #669.

I was looking for pale color for doing smoky makeup.
First of the glitter is not too much but enough to shine.
It is glossy and moisturizing.
So when you use it actually it gives volume.
It is soft pink so goes well with smoky and even for natural makeup.
There are some similar colors on the other brands but this is the perfect color that I was looking for.

As there is strong moisturizer, it lacks on the persistence.
It is hard to achieve a color for one sweep
Comparing to mat products there are much usage but for the people who doesn't have perfect condition of the lip for 365 days choose a lipstick that is moisturizing than to look for the intensity of colors.
Like the color #669 it is creamy and have fine glitters that shows off the soft pink greatly can be used very wisely.
You can slight apply on the top of the cheekbones during the summer time to give natural light to the surface.
However the price is too expensive…

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