Friday, September 7, 2012

Recommended Essence! Estee Lauder , Lancome, Shu Uemura

Find the best essence.
I really didn’t like to use essence but I got some effect when I used it.
I have stopped using the Clarins white plus essence which I really liked.
(If you are using this than don't change, it is just fine.)

The essence is thought to give effect but if you want to see it you have to use at least for a year and about 2 of the product. So it is hard to see an effect from only one so have to buy another to keep using it for ages.
However for me I want the effect right away.
I can't wait for 1 to 2 years to see the effect and wrote the review on them.
So!!! I used it only for 1 to 3 months and I am writing this review.

Estee Lauder nutritious vita mineral essence
I saw this product in the magazines saying something about pomegranate.
So I was excited to try this out. However it is just like other any essence.
It quickly absorbs and has pleasant smell.
This states that it makes the face look healthy but why doesn’t it work on my face.
If the price is 40,000won I can recommend but the price is too high…
Honestly saying it made my skin purer than before.
For the people who want to use the entire product for whitening than I recommend this product!

Lancome primordale cell defense essence
I used a Lancome essence before and I really liked it.
Luckily I got this as a present so I tried and it is a product for preventing aging for 20’s.
However it's too expensive for 20’s to buy them.
The texture of this cosmetic was too sticky so I didn't like it.
I really hate sticky feeling that I feel can’t sleep putting my face on the pillow but have to sleep facing the celling.
I tried it for several days and I didn’t see any difference.

Shu Uemura deepsea moisture essence
In Shu Uemura I only buy oil cleansing and other colored cosmetics so I didn't pat attention to skin care cosmetics.
For me it was little bit sticky.
However in the advertisement it states there isn’t any stickiness.
So why can I feel it? Is it just me?
This was a moisture essence so I didn’t use moisture cream.
However it was so watery like a skin so I didn’t like that part.

The application was really light so I liked that part.
I used a powder and it was still moisturizing past 4 o’ clock.
So that surprised me.
I didn't have tiny splits between the wrinkles so I liked it but I can’t use it daily cause it was sticky.
I kept it for the days when I am going to use a powder.

Estee Lauder idealist pore minimizing skin
There is natural style of doing the keratin carrying and minimizing the pore.
When you try it absorbs well and doesn’t have stickiness.
So I feel like it coats my face.
It is like applying primer and some people say it is moisturizing.

However it is hard to say that it is moisturizing comparing to other products these days.
Instead of that
When you wake up, your skin gets smooth because it takes care of the oil in the pores.

But I don't know about minimizing the pores.
I am middle skin type and I care about my pores so I am going to use this.
If the price is too high there is 30ml that cause 80,000won.
I don't recommend this to dry skin type.
Recommend to middle and mixed oily skin type!!!! Even for oily skin I recommend.

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