Monday, September 17, 2012

Recommended eye line, how to use eyeliner and gel eye linear

Waterproof or pencil, gel eyeliner is only tool that draws the eyeline.
However for my eyes, which type I use it get smudges.!
So!!~~ I need it!!~`~

How to draw an eyeliner that lasts long~~!
Not only mascara gets smudges together with eye line.
So you have to remember that all human’s eyes are different so it smudges differently.
Trying different ways is a key and where you know it get smudges.

Lets use waterproof eyeline~
Especially for busy morning, pencil is very good to use~
Nowadays, many people would do smoky makeup. Its ok to draw the underline but avoid drawing all the way to the corners of the eyes.
It will smudge 100%
Makeup Forever pearly waterproof pencil is really popular~
There is diversity of colors to choose from.
It you purchase one you have to purchase the sharpener as well.
There are really fine glitters and its waterproof so really handles the sweat and the water.

Banilla Co pencil linear is also waterproof
There are also fine glitters on them.
I don’t really use Banila Co but compare to the price, it is really a best product.

Go over with a dark eye shadow.
After drawing the eye line go over with a thin brush with shadows.
That is they way of making the eye line not to smudge and lasts longer
Don’t have to buy other shadow for going over the eye line.

Finish with a gel type eye linear.
Mac is fine but I like to use Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner.
It is the best item.
Most of the celebrities use this item and other shops for drawing eyeline.
When your eyes doesn’t smudge than you can use only this.
However you need to have your own brush.

After pencil and shadow, at the last step use this for fill in the eyelashes step.
Now it’s done and now you achieve longer lasting eye line.

Use only liquid eye line???
There is no other product than liquid that lasts really long.
However it is hard to draw.
If you want to try out!!
Than I recommend to use Mac Liquid Last liner!! 4,2000won
The brush doesn’t splits and lasts the sweat and the water.

If you still have smudges even though you use waterproof??
Waterproof products are strong on water and sweat but!!! Not on oil!~~
Than it is better to avoid using basic cosmetics on the eyes.
Try to lessen the about of oil.
So as I have said before try to use the eye shadow to control the oil.

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