Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Green and yellow gel French nail art, Circles and square pattern, prints, gel polishes, Cool Nail

Unique style of French nail

Try the French nail different from other people.
It looks like the tip color has been stick on the nail
The colors are sweet use of green yellow and yellow.

It isn’t surely a ordinary nail art.
It was just simple yellow green and yellow polish but the pattern turn them to be interesting and special from others.
The design is made out of squares and circles.

If you want to this kind of nail art your body or nail has to be long so when you apply the patterns you could see them and French style makes the nails to look short.
However when you do it on the short nails it looks cute.
Instead of doing the French nail try to do whole nails.
The patterns are taking the whole nails so it makes them look full of interesting patterns.

It you want different patterns please ask us.

Furthermore if you don't feel comfortable doing on your nails try to do on pedicure.
Painting with one color is pretty but also adding nail art could make your toes look more fabulous.

So many customers in our Cool Nail they try their toes first.
They would love the intricate design for pedicure.

When you apply regular polish it takes time to dry compare to gel nail.
So you have to wait for one hour or so.
There fore in Cool Nail we do quick coat top without any extra cost.
We want our customers to return to their normal life as soon as they have their nail care done.

Professional nail care system with great technique in doing the SOAK in Cool Nail.

In Cool Nail shop
There are over 1,000 different nail arts and nail polishes.
Check out the style for visiting our shop.

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