Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drawing long lasting eyebrow~

Benefit ‘Browsing’
Drawing the long lasting eyebrow

When you draw the eyebrows in the morning and when you look around the late afternoon it’s gone.
It’s hard to check every time so lets learn hot to protect eyebrows~

1.     Control the oil!!!
For anyone who is applying the basic cosmetics should spread out evenly around the eyebrows.
So first of all control the oil~
When you keep this it will help a lot for the eyebrows to stay longer.

2.    Using the powder type eyebrow shadow
Having the matt finish there is no other product than to use shadow.
When there are still left over oil, control it by using the shadow.
There are different types of shadows so pick one that goes well with your eyebrow color.
There are arrange of prices to choose from.
There are other many brands to choose but I recommend Benefit because there is even twizzer inside.
I use medium and if you usually use dark brown or black use dark and light.
There three different colors.

3. Use hard led pencil~
After covering the oil, use a pencil to draw.
It's fine to finish with powder but naturally there are some people who gets easily erased.
I have posted before about ShuUemura eyebrow pencil and I really recommend this~
There is hardly any oil so it lasts really long.
After the powder use the pencil which it will intensify the color even more~

4.  Sealing the eyebrow
Even if you draw it perfectly, in Benefit ‘She Laq’ seals the eyebrow, mascara, and eye line.
However I didn’t try for any other area except eyebrow.

For the people who doesn’t get eyebrow easily erased don’t need to fix it.
I used it sometimes only because it really lasts long but I don't have to everyday.

Shu Uemura eyebrow manicurethis erases easily leaving no eyebrow.
So I didn’t really like to use it after I tried it out.
This coats the eyebrow so it helps to last long.
So if you need it you should try it out.
She tried to go over with mascara before but after she used this she doesn’t use mascara any more.

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