Thursday, September 20, 2012

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So lovely green gradation gel nail~
There are so many colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy, and purple.
When you are doing the nail art there are many colors to choose from and picks the best color that go with overall you.
Even for one color pink, by the different shades it can look and give different style.
Among all the color, green is hard to go with.
It is hard to match the green color under wise if your hand is really pale.

If you like to do wear green color instead of applying it whole do French nail or gradation.

One of the customers in Cool nail wanted to do green color so it was kind of mission for us.
So we did a gradation with green gel polish.
It gives her a clear look.
When you do French nail it will make it vivid and bright intensifying the green color.
When you do gradation it gives soft green.

On top of that adding the lace add more feminine look.
In Cool Nail there are over 1,000-nail art and from that there was lace on pink nail.
However doing it on the green color even look nice and the customer really loved it.
For the people who want to try out green color should go with gel polish to achieve this look~~

Professional nail care system with great technique doing SOAK in Cool Nail.

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