Friday, September 7, 2012

Recommend pink blush, Cheek blusher, Benefit Thrrrob

Benefit Thrrrob~

It is lovely blush.
I bought this because the case was so girly and I soon as I used it!
What is with this poweder?
It doesn’t worth much of money to spend.
Don't think that one particular brand matches you and the other color is perfect to use that other products will work.
There are different formulas used to create colors so you have to test first and buy them.

I was being careful the last time when I was purchasing but what happen to me…

The people who use Dandelion or Georgia would know.
It is powder type blush so there can’t be any powder 
But comparing to this Thrrrob this is disappointment.
There were lots of positive commends on this so I was excited but no one talked about the powder!

Compare to the Dandelion Thrrrob has more glitters so there were more dusts.
I didn’t know even there were glitters without looking closely.
I just have to forgot about the powder and used it carefully.

The most importantly is the intensity of color.
It doesn't give great color with one sweep.
However it is perfect to give healthy cheek.
When you look at the contain in the box, the color is intensity is high but when you apply it, it gives soft pink.
When you look in a positive way, it is natural and lovely pink.
On the other hand it doesn't give great intensity of color.
If you want strong cheek than sweep several times

So how is it different from Dandelion and Thrrrob when they are shades of pink.??

Lets see the color of the brushes inside the blush.
When you see the Thrrrob brush is more pink than Dandelion.
Also  Dandelion color is more like mixture of peach and pink color.
It's in the pink shades, as there is more pink color.
This is popular color because its mixture of pink and peach.
For the Asians, how many times you apply the Dandelion blush it doesn’t look over done.
According to the skin color, it could look more like pink or peach color.
For the Thrrrob blush you could definitely see that it is pink color.
There would be different satisfaction between people but for me I don't think that I would repurchase it.
You can found similar color of this pink shades for much lower price.
If you want to purchase blush in Benefit, I recommend Dandelion and Gorgeia.
However this is based on my opinion only.
The shade of color could change according to the skin and foundation tone.
You should try out first and purchase the item.

When you look at the brush it seems rough so the texture of brush might stimuli the skin and affects the tone so it is better to purchase separate blush brush.

In the picture she applied Thrrrob and it is definitely pink color.
There are some glitters but you can’t feel it.
When you don't apply too much you can achieve the strawberry milk color.
Recommended to a pale skin.

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