Monday, September 3, 2012

Essence recommendation; Lancome, Biotherm,Clarins and even whitening

Have some purpose when you are applying an essence~
When did Korean women start to use essence? Many women are obsession over essence when even they don't use them.
Even though they are using moisture and refresh cream.
When you buy and use expensive cosmetics it won’t work to the full potential when you don't have proper rest.
Don’t only depend on the cosmetics to give life to your skin.
It is best to fix the bad habits so you could get benefits from using the cosmetics.

Don’t really look for it just because someone is using it.
There are some expensive essences that don't function as much as it should be.

Than why are you trying to use it? Think again if you need to use it.
If you want your skin to rest from the out side stimuli but it is a sensitive skin~??
Lancome Hydra Zen gel essence!
I don't know about the others but for the sensitive skin you should use it.
You can see the effect than use of a cream.
My skin doesn’t need sedative effect but for friend of mine who have used it says that it truly works.
The moisture works for 24hrs.
I don't know about the time but the absorption is really fast.
There is no glossiness so you will be satisfied.

The smell isn’t too nice the formula is too light so you might feel that there isn’t any effect.
But you have to use continually to see the effect.

Biotherm aquasource essence
Like in the line of Aquasource it helps to release the harmful components.
You can only know by looking through the microscope.
For us it is just good when it is moisturizing.
If you need more moisture even after the moisture cream than I recommend to use this~
If you support with moisturizing it lasts long.
This is perfect for summer because of the fresh smell and it’s not sticky absorbing really well.
There is only moisture feeling left behind.

Clarins White Plus HP Total Whitening Essence
I really like this essence and has effect right away.
It is not like erasing the black spots on the face but the absorption is really fast and gives very smooth skin.
There is no glossiness but it gives light to the face so it makes it brighter.
I would like to purchase again when I am done using it.
I can’t really use whitening products because they tent to be dry.
But this product is well made even for moisturizing.
When you use it, you can feel it.

It smells like baby lotion

I am so excited to use this product!

There was ample released from the same line and I really want to try using it.

Maybe some day when I am done with this~

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