Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BB cream recommended - R.N.D. Lab Vitamin C Solar Shields SPF 30

Do you want to look without makeup but flawless??
This is not sunscreen, makeup base, or BB cream.
It’s a multi cream!

R.N.D. Lab
This might be unfamiliar but the people who know this likes to use this brand.

R.N.D. Lab is organic BB cream so my attention goes to it.
This is a medical brand from the United States so my trust goes with it.

Vitamin C Solar Shields SPF 30 is high in sun protection.
Also this has some coverage as a base as well.
There is vitamin C contained but I don't really trust it.
However when I tried it you don't need to use sunscreen or makeup base.
This is just perfect for BB cream.
The sunscreen color is similar to the skin shades so don't have to worry about being too much white.
It finishes very matt and gives smooth texture.
The color blends in very well with the skin color~
Than how about the coverage??
It says that it is like concealer but I don't think it is that much.
It can clear the small and shallow blotches on the face.
Overall, it cleans out the skin tone and makes smooth surface of the skin.
When I don't have meetings than I usually use this to look natural.
I recommend to middle and oily type skin~ but for the dry skin might feel too matt.
When you want to feel the function than apply some moisture cream before using this.

When you want to look natural as if there was no makeup done in the morning apply the moisture cream and use this BB cream at the end.
After that use cream blush in shades of pink or peach
Lastly when you finish with the eyelash curler and little bit of tint with gloss will look very healthy and give light to the face.
(It will be hard for the dark circle and severe pimples to be cover with this)
60ml, which is twice as much, compare to Lancome 30ml sunscreen.

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