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Recommended cosmetics for men: Clinique, Kiehl’s, Lab Series,

The different skin type doesn't matter when it comes to keratins.
-       Clinique for men (have to be diligence to use them)
Near the mouth and cheeks it is easy for the keratins to appear.
The problem could be solve when you apply lotion however after few hours it can show up again.
In removing the keratins use Clinique scrubbing lotion (like a skin)
Put it on the facial cotton and wipe your face.

The steps are important!!
Normally after shaving you apply skin and lotion.
However after washing the face wipe it using the facial cotton than shave and apply the lotion.
Right after the shaving there is a cosmetic for calming down the stimuli skin. However one of my friends said you don’t really need it and could just use lotion only right after.
When you are using the lotion and have over production of oil you need to use gel type.
However when you are dry or middle skin type and worries about the white keratins at first test the products and choose.
For the oil trouble skin type many use Clinique products.
It really controls the oils (#3, #4) however it doesn't make the pimples to go away.
Recommendation of cleanser for oily skin type

Kiehl’s facial fuel energy facial wash
For the people who want the clean wash feeling should try this. It is a mantle smell, which it feels very fresh.
However the negative part is that there aren’t many bubbles.
Don't recommend drying skin type people; they might feel their skin pulling.

So how about dry or sensitive skin type?
Instead of going for men’s facial wash try to use mom’s or sister’s organic facial soap.
My dad loves to use Beautiful Soap Cool Water.
There are lots of bubbles and could be used as a body cleanser.
Also the price is inexpensive for this long and thick bar as well as the fragrant stays longer.

However you heard some complements on skins and wants full coarse than use Kiehl’s

Pineapple papaya facial scrub.
If you don't really have blotches and doesn’t see any keratins but you want to scrub your face.
I recommend this scrub which you can do caring at home.
The price is little bit expensive compare to the amount but it isn’t use every day so…
It is used for all skin types.
However for the people who have sever pimple problem they might not feel the removing of the keratins and could stimuli the pimples.
So it is better to use organic grain powder.

For taking care of pores it is best to use bean powder mask.
It works even for female and helps the pores to stay clean.
When you use many products that is said to be good for pimples.
Sometimes it makes it worse.
So if that happens instead of scrubbing use bean powder mask.

Men’s Alcohol free herbal toner
: it is alcohol free so it gives less stimuli on the face and have calming down effect so it is good to use for after shave.
It is for middle skin type and as a gift it would be great to give only this. 
Kiehl’s blue astringent herbal lotion
:this is used among male and female. It controls the oil so its good for sever oily skin type.
Multi purpose facial formula men
: It calms down the skin after shaving and its not sticky also controlling the oil so recommended to middle skin type.
Facial pure SPF 15
: works as sunblock and moisturizer. It is oil free product but not really recommended to sever oily type skin.
It is popular a product but there is vitamin contain so recommended to people who smokes. (it is SPF 15 but have to apply sun block during summer time)

How about dry skin type?
Most of the males have oily skin so the products for the dry skin type are weak.
If you have really sensitive skin and dryness use women’s products
One of my friends is dry skin type and he tried the men’s cosmetics but didn’t work.
When he tried for women’s it made his skin brighter and moisturizing.
Kiehl’s botanical toner (women) + Soothing nourishing facial cream for men
: some of the dry skin type cosmetics are too glossy so have some discomfort but this products doesn’t really have glossiness.

I recommend these products for the man cho men type males who can’t help to apply many cosmetics.
Running over Lancome products and taking the first place for men’s cosmetics.
It is good to use as a full set but when you choose one good product it can really take care of the skin.
So it is perfect to give as a present.
It wasn’t made among the women’s cosmetics so there are many choices to choose from.

There are products for anti blemish and whitening however according to my brother doesn’t seem to feel the effect.

Lab Series muli-action facial wash
My brother didn’t try this but many friends say the positive comments and purchasing for the second time.
It isn’t sliming and gives very clean feeling.
Also takes care of keratins, as there are some kernels in them and makes lots of bubbles.
So for normal skin type would care their skin with only using this.
However for people who often have white keratins would be lacking if they only used this.

Lab Series power Brightening lotion SPF 30
Protects from the sun and its oil free product.
If you want to give one gift than it is a perfect item.
I don’t really know about the effect of whitening products but it lessens the darkening in the skin.
However it is used only on the morning.
(There is Night recovery lotion)

LAB Series skin furnisher
It is little bit different from scrubbing, it is more like piling
When you use it twice a wee it helps the skin not to be darkening and takes care of the keratins.
However don’t use it right after shaving it stingy
On the commercial they talk about reducing the pores size but that doesn’t work.
It is a best product for doing self-caring at home.
However I don't recommend to people who have sensitive skin also for dry skin type use once a week.

When you are still typing about pimples on the search tool, the problem can’t be only solve by the cosmetics.
My brother tired but it didn’t work.
So instead of spending too much money on anti blemish products fix your bad habits and rest well.

Eye Cream for men???
There are many eye cream for men however I don’t really expect to give its effect.
My brother uses eye cream every day but he doesn’t know if he have an affect from it.
He doesn’t feel anything.
So if you are a person who gets your eyes tired, try to use
Lancome eye mask.

Do male have to wear sunblock??
My Friend doesn’t like to wear sun cream because of the glossy and heavy feeling.
So when he has to wear because of me he likes to use women’s sun cream.
The texture is much soft and light.
So right now give your boyfriends a sun cream to wear to prevent from aging quickly.
It is nice to give as an present of women’s sun block.

On Special days,
When you are giving a guy with women’s cosmetics because the texture is more smooth the receiver might feel awkward.
Try to give them with men’s cosmetics much as possible.
When you are just giving a guy without any special days tell them the reasons and all those information.

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